Corrupting Influence


Italy's Punishment 19 Records does it again by delivering a nice bucket full of cool, […]
By Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan
February 9, 2014
Prematory - Corrupting Influence album cover

Italy's Punishment 19 Records does it again by delivering a nice bucket full of cool, cold Thrash Metal from Belgium's own Thrash offspring, PREMATORY. This is the follow up to the bands 2010 self-released full album ''Suiciety'' which itself followed the bands 2009 debut demo / EP, ''We're The Titans'' and this new album is  titled ''Corrupting Influence''.

One thing most noticeable about PREMATORY's debut release was its affiliation with classic Thrash al'a early METALLICA and although no boundaries were trampled or undiscovered continents uncovered,  it was a good slice of Thrash the way it should be, tight crunching riffs and a harmonious performance across the board. Now they have a label as home and with some years between releases have been working towards their sophomore release and so we come to ''Corrupting Influence''.

From the opener ''Sledgehammer'' it's clear there is still a METALLICA bearing influence on PREMATORY, with the opening phrasing and following crushing pattern that could have nestled somewhere in the ''Black'' album but without the total polished production that money can buy it still has a raw and earthy freshness to it. When the second track ''Insignificance'' hits, the bass sound and riff has a Dand Lilker feel too it and the following track could have come straight from the NUCLEAR ASSAULT  catalogue, minus John Connoly's distinct vocals or course but there is more to it than that because PREMATORY mix this with some very contemporary feels in the rhythm department which adds a very now feel rather than a total old world feel. Then comes ''Down The Drain'' which just punches you right between the eyes and doesn't stop pounding you until they decide you have had enough! Its relentless Thrash quality reminds me of early EXODUS, nicely brutal. Then you arrive at ''Toxic Experiment'', now we get a bit of Euro Thrash, sounding akin now to their German brothers DESTRUCTION. This is where PREMATORY take their seat and seem totally at home with a riff and shape that matches any of their German predecessors, simple, direct and willful in its delivery. "Lies Upon Lies'' has a slice of it all, METALLICA's tight counter rhythm balanced with TESTAMENT type twists and turns...nips of current EXODUS also kept coming to my mind here. Next up ''Grave Rasier'' a Thrash track complete with a multi voice 'every one sing' chorus, cool mosh feel to this and you know music is a give and take thing with your audience and on this track the band are thinking about that direct link and I am sure this is going to be a crowd pleaser.

''Sentenced For Life'' is my standout track. Superb performances here from all. The opening guitar work is just fantastic, PREMATORY, show there is more to them than just a very capable ability to defend the term Thrash here. They push and pull this track into so many great shapes is it just pleasant listening from start to finish. ''Peace'' sits fine on the album but feels like it was written as a live track, where it would, I'm sure, really come into its own. It is not a bad track, not at all but following ''Sentenced For Life'' in the running order it suffers a little but hey, that's why they put shuffle on an iPod right? I just would have placed it in a different spot to show it at its best is all. In fact I would have switched ''Bad Blood'' for ''Peace'' in the running order and I think it would have worked better because ''Bad Blood'' is fucking killing it, brutal, urgent and doesn't fuck around. So don't relax too much because the feeling I get from ''Bad Blood'' is like, it's pacing the room waiting for its turn to bat, so it can kick you right in your ball sack and it does just that. Now to the title track and album closer ''Corrupting Influence''. I have already referred to a lot of classic Thrash and here again you feel clearly the classic influence mixed with more current Thrash works, again I could name several bands so you get the idea but, well, you already get the idea. It's a riff loaded track which chugs itself along nicely and closes what has been a very enjoyable album. It's something I will revisit much more than once to get everything I can from it.

Summing up? PREMATORY manage to display their skill as individuals on this album and their conviction in their delivery. Does it push into new realms? Well not exactly, it draws heavily on the Thrash heritage instead but there are moments where they shine through and you see the future is firmly within their sights. In order to do Thrash well you need to be it, lie all music, you cannot fake it or you won't last. PREMATORY indeed are it and from all aspects gone before but their delivery keeps it fresh and current and that was a complete. Like Thrash? You'll like this! 

8 / 10


"Corrupting Influence" Track-listing:

1. Sledgehammer
2. Insignificance
3. Down The Drain
4. Hold My Breath
5. Toxic Experiment
6. Lies Upon Lies
7. Grave Raiser
8. Sentenced For Life
9. Peace
10. Bad Blood
11. Corrupting Influence

Prematory Lineup:

Joeri Trescinski - Bass
Simon Duson - Vocals
Jonas Van De Sande - Guitars
Thomas Wuyts - Drums

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