Blood Sanctions


A fine Thrash/Death Metal band from Poland with the crushing sound by CANNIBAL CORPSE. This […]
By Craig Thrasher Rider
May 18, 2015
Pregierz - Blood Sanctions album cover

A fine Thrash/Death Metal band from Poland with the crushing sound by CANNIBAL CORPSE. This is a 5 song EP which left me wanting more. Most Death Metal bands do this to me, they might usually be short albums for example DEPRAVED PLAGUE from the UK's debut album "Systemic" is only 30 minutes long much like SLAYER's "Reign In Blood" but they have that lasting effect that just leaves you wanting more and more. One of the many reasons I love Death Metal. I can just repeat it over and over again sometimes, it's that good.

"Blood Sanctions" begins with an intro "Dawn of Horror" much like CANNIBAL CORPSE it gives you that brutal, horrific feel, I believe it was taken from a skit from a horror film but then the carnage starts, I immediately sensed a CANNIBAL CORPSE style so they are clearly one of the main influences.

Then the real horror begins, "Shallow Grave" starts and I cannot help but headbang like a maniac.  I loved this EP that much that even the fist pounding began. To see these guys Live would be a treat and would be a perfect Death Metal gig. Come to the UK lads?

"Cierpietnica" begins and the thrashing continues harder. Safe to say this EP is kicking major arse. The riffs and vocals are very unique in places. It is not all CANNIBAL CORPSE influence; bands that come to mind would be VENOM and a hint of NAPALM DEATH. NILE comes to mind too. It is a very nice touch with that horrific feel, especially during the finale "Crawling Abomination" and "Purification in Fire".

Overall if you come across this EP definitely pick it up and have a go at it. I am sure you will be thrashing around like a maniac and pounding those fists of yours like you are at the gym beating down a punching bag.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Blood Sanctions" Track-listing:

1. Intro - Dawn of Horror
2. Shallow Grave
3. Cierpietnica
4. Crawling Abomination
5. Purification in Fire

Pregierz Lineup:


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