Circle Of Power


POWND is Detroit based band that is very much rooted in the old school riff […]
By Ian Kaatz
July 4, 2007
POWND - Circle Of Power album cover

POWND is Detroit based band that is very much rooted in the old school riff masters.  They built up a good size regional fan base, but now they are trying to expand.  This I don't believe should be too hard for them since they have a very catchy sound to their record. I could see them invading clubs of people of about 400 or so all over the country if not bigger venues, but check the review to see if it is possible.

POWND started in 1996 in Kentucky and then released an independent album in 1998.  Following the release they toured in almost every state in the U.S.  They are now signed to Nightmare Records and hope to make a huge impact on the metal scene.

Slowly Drowning begins the album with an ultra groovy riff that is somehow reminiscent of SEVENDUST mixed with BLACK SABBATH maybe.  I am not exactly sure, but it is a very interesting mix of sounds. The second track begins with this wall of sound that sounds like an army or something along those lines, but the chugging riff and furious double bass mold perfectly with it.  This riff then repeats without the army noise in the chorus and the groove factor goes up to 11 at least.  Divided, I could see very easily being a single on the radio especially with this riff that is kind of bluesy, but also has a Power Metal feel to it.  One of the guitarists lays down a sick solo at about 1:58 to make this song even more accessible.

The fourth track I thought had a very strange feel to it at least compared to the rest of the album.  I thought that riff wise this song had a STATIC-X kind of sound, but it lacked the electronics effects that the latter possesses.  It is also one of the more melodic songs on the album, it allows Michael's voice to really come to the front a kick your ass.   The Stand overall didn't impress me really at all except for this sick breakdown that is at the very end of the song.  Changes this track reminds strongly of a melodic Hair Metal song from the 80s except the guitars have balls.  The guitar changes sound around 3:25 to a very 70s classic rock guitar that really makes me think of SKYNYRD, which isn't present anywhere else on the album.
Track 7 didn't do much for me much like 5. Monster is very aptly titled since it is a monster of a track.  It is an excellent track with a riff that has mega-crunchy (is that even somewhat proper English, lol).  This is one of the tracks on the album where their influences are just so well mixed that u can't tell really who it sounds like other than POWND.  The last song that really impressed me was the ninth track, Never Means Forever.  This song sounds to me very much like Black Sabbath, but it is sped up about double time.

On the whole POWND have released a solid Metal album, I would not call it anything stellar, but definitely solid.  I would say that fans of old school Metal should check out since it blends what the bands of the 70s and 80s, but with WAY BETTER production.

7 / 10


"Circle Of Power" Track-listing:

Slowly Drowning
Still I Bleed
The Stand
Place In The Sun
Never Means Forever
Swatting Flies

POWND Lineup:

Michael Duncan - Vocals
Ronnie Duncan - Guitar
Rick Sargent - Guitar
Clint McMaine - Drums
Steve Watts - Bass

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