Steel Roots


POWERDRIVE was formed last March from Robin Lundgren and the Spanish guitar player Miguel Gayarre. […]
By Maria Kallinikou
February 19, 2009
Powerdrive - Steel Roots album cover

POWERDRIVE was formed last March from Robin Lundgren and the Spanish guitar player Miguel Gayarre. Steel Roots is their debut album. For a band existing almost a year is a important step, to release a decent album and POWERDRIVE seems that they managed it just fine. As they claim, with this album they try to bring back the roots of heavy metal. Partially they are right on the other hand it is mostly the thrash section they count on.

From the beginning till the end, the album seems like paying a homage to METALLICA/ MEGADETH where highlights from other bands are added, sparkled with nu-metal sound. Final Chapter makes you get it from the first seconds. Starting Over adds ANNIHILATOR influences and Alive fuses ONSLAUGHT and baleful mood in the lyrics. In Self Determination the sound becomes sludgy and massive. Treat adopts a lower pace without lacking the heaviness. Laid To Rest walks through higher bass levels in a modern path, with oriental style solos, DISTURBED parts and a bit of PANTERA.
Silver Bullet, as POWERDRIVE declare is a tribute for the fallen metal legends, and for the moment is the only video for this album. From Cliff Burton's photos from the beginning of this video, I guess there is not much to say. In Blast the melodies and the riffs are trapped in a SLAYER air. The last three tracks are moving gradually to new metal elements, starting from ANTHRAX going to PANTERA and at last to the rough production Revelation, which mixes and twists the past and the present in a satisfactory way.  

Sinister riffs, carefully attended production, a fusion of eras. I guess that this band will attract the interest of record companies. Steel Roots is a decent album, and indicates the band's members musical abilities, thus I hope that in the future they will configure a more personal style through their compositions.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Steel Roots" Track-listing:

Final Chapter
Starting Over
Self Determination
Laid To Rest
Silver Bullet
Dead Silence
New Life

Powerdrive Lineup:

Robin Lundgren - Vocals, Guitars
Miguel Gayarre - Guitars
Asier Aranda -Bass
Ivan Gayarre - Drums

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