POUNDER calls Los Angeles their home base and were founded in 2016. The band is […]
By Dave Nowels
January 4, 2019
Pounder - Uncivilized album cover

POUNDER calls Los Angeles their home base and were founded in 2016. The band is a virtual all-star Metal lineup. Matt Harvey (EXHUMED, GRUESOME & EXPULSION), Alejandro Corredor (Nausea LA, VALLENFYRE), and Tom Draper (Ex ANGEL WITCH, CARCASS & Crowing Glory).  Together, this talented three piece meld together a captivating blend of NWOBHM, 80's Thrash Metal with a touch of the Sunset Strip. The band's sound has a sense of familiarity, yet enough distinct uniqueness as to appeal to fans of many sub-genres of Metal. This is no frills, fun, in your face music, that shouldn't be taken too seriously.

"Uncilvilized" is my second review opportunity with POUNDER. I'm pretty happy about it too. I last reviewed their EP "Faster Than Fire" giving it a solid 9/10. I'm happy to report that "Uncivilized" is a fine reward for those that enjoyed the EP release, as it captures and expands upon that magic. Great riffs, power chords galore, thundering drums and bass, speed, and ballads. "Uncivilized" has it all. The album opens with a song that sound give you a sense of who POUNDER is. "Fuck Off and Die" immediately showcases all that the band has to offer. Chugging guitars and bass and driving drums, and a subject matter that, well, seems self explanatory. This is simply a great Metal anthem. How could it not be?

The title track "Uncivilized" picks up right where the album opener left off. It's a pure headbanger from the start, and a song that manages to showcase the whole band at various points. This is a constant theme throughout, with all of the instruments prominent in the mix. Always nice to see, but often missed by other bands. "Red Hot Leather" is another balls out rager, and possibly the fastest tempo song on the album, start to finish. Here's your 80's Speed Metal. "Long Time No Love" slows things down a bit, with a nice little power ballad with a fabulous solo featured from Draper. "We Want the Night" and "The Mists of Time" returns the band to the previous breakneck pace.

"Answer the Call" slows things down again, before "The Evil One" closes this one out. Unfortunately, not included on the album due to production timing, the band has also recorded a powerful ballad called "Desert Rain". The song has been released via their Bandcamp page and is a tribute to drummer Carlos Denogean who recently passed away from a brain hemorrhage. Denogean worked as a studio drummer for POUNDER and was last wielding the sticks for WEEDEATER. So, while the song isn't included on "Uncivilized", it deserves to be heard. The song can be downloaded for free, though contributions to Denogean's family can be made as well. A worthy cause, and a beautiful song as well.

POUNDER is a band that I've really come to like. A lot. Maybe it's the old school Metal feel, or the no nonsense attitudes. Or more likely, it's the well crafted songs being executed so damn well. I really hope to see this band's trajectory continue to rise, and "Uncivilized" should be a fine starting point for those wishing to join the ride. The album drops on February 22nd and deserves to be on every Metalhead's radar. Here's hoping that a large scale tour follows. This is a band that must be tremendous fun in a live environment.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Uncivilized" Track-listing:

1. Fuck Off and Die
2. Uncivilized
3. Red Hot Leather
4. Long Time No Love
5. We Want the Night
6. The Mists of Time
7. Answer the Call
8. The Evil One

Pounder Lineup:

Matt Harvey  - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Tom Draper - Lead Guitar
Alejandro Corredor - Bass

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