Flesh Throne Press


Metal fans who are critical of Progressive/Stoner/Doom Metal often comment on how the tracks are […]
By Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham
April 21, 2015
Pombagira - Flesh Throne Press album cover

Metal fans who are critical of Progressive/Stoner/Doom Metal often comment on how the tracks are far too long and you appear to be hearing the same kind of riffs over and over again. The latest demonstration of this to come to play is "Flesh Throne Press" which happens to be POMBAGIRA's latest installment to their discography.

Hailing from London POMBAGIRA formed in the year 2008; initially a duo they did equip a bass player for album two. Originally starting down the Sludge Metal route their sound developed a Psychedelic feel within the music. This was discovered in their last release "Maleficia Lamiah" as that received praise across the music board.

Onto the album itself; I have got to say at first I wasn't completely taken; due to my restless energetic nature I did at first find it hard to listen to. By the time the track "Endless" came on I started to appreciate the art and beauty of what their music explores. It is certainly the sort of music you can imagine being emphasized greatly by a mesmerizing light show and dry ice creating that mystical smoke effect. Their sound does in fact remind me of MONSTER MAGNET's more Psychedelic work.

The talent provided by these two gifted musicians is a great highlight; the distant yet stunning vocals, excellent guitar work and the complimenting drum patterns mix together perfectly to create this wonderful fusion of Metal music.

This record provides the perfect vibes for the need to wind down with an alcoholic beverage after a long at the office and anyone who is an avid fan of Progressive/Stoner/Doom Metal will certainly appreciate this hidden treasure in all its glory.

One thing I would advice personally is not to play this when you need to get up and ready to go after a sleepless night.

8 / 10


"Flesh Throne Press" Track-listing:

Disc 1:

1. The Way
2. Gather
3. Endless
4. Sorcerous Cry
5. Soul Seeker
6. Flesh Throne Press

Disc 2:

1. In The Silence
2. Blessed Are The Dead
3. Time Stone
4. Ash To Flesh
5. I Curse I Pray
6. Cold Descent
7. Yesterday's Tomorrow

Pombagira Lineup:

Peter Hamilton-Giles - Vocals, Guitars
Carolyn Hamilton-Giles - Drums

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