One Night In Paradise


PLEASER was formed in March 2005 in Brazil. Their music style derives off Hard Rock […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
December 12, 2013
Pleaser - One Night In Paradise album cover

PLEASER was formed in March 2005 in Brazil. Their music style derives off Hard Rock bands like VAN HALEN, MOTLEY CRUE, RATT and KISS with hefty Glam Metal flings. The album "One Night In Paradise" was recorded in the studio Hurricane in Porto Alegre by the Uruguayan producer Sebastian Carsin. The following August the band signed for the release of the album to Hittman Records.

The self-titled track became quickly one of my favorites, journeying with heavy melodic riffs, displaying an extraordinary chorus including impressive lead guitar work. The mixture of Rock and Metal demonstrates the assertion of Glam and crispy Hard Rock, for example on the opener "Take It Off" signaling of AC/DC style and "I Can't Get Enough" ranging through AOR. The album's single track "Raise" is a bit heavier, depicting hard on riffery and an notable chorus dripping with melodies al'a BAI BANG. Energetic sounds with yet another catchy power moment, following the basics of Rock, with "Tearin' Up the Town". There is a bit of cheerfulness and Rock till your drop with "Rock'n'roll Bar" feeling it stronger with "Someone Like You", highly inspired by 80's Rock N' Roll.

PLEASER composed a rather good album, a nice starting point, young and convicted, they have a lot more to show. I believe that if they will tour Europe, they will grab enough attention.

7 / 10


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"One Night In Paradise" Track-listing:

1. Take It Off
2. I Can't Get Enough
3. Raise
4. Someone Like You
5. One Night in Paradise
6. Tearin' Up the Town
7. Into the Sun
8. She Wants the Power
9. Rock'n'roll Bar
10. Don't Let It Get You Down

Pleaser Lineup:

Francis Lima - Vocals
Toni Manito - Guitar
Dani Kaminski - Bass
Glimm Xotter - Drums

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