Planet Rain

And just as I was ready to listen to this album because of my - […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 15, 2008
Planet Rain - Fracture album cover

And just as I was ready to listen to this album because of my - usual - excitement due to the fact that an underground Metal band had sent us its self financed work (I love getting to know new bands that have no need of labels to release their stuff), I press the PLAY button and... total disappointment!

The Swedish metallers were formed as a one man project around 1997 by Par Sving. The line up was completed in 2006, and the band started recording its first demo CD Departure. PLANET RAIN recorded one more demo in 2007 and now they decided to release... one more demo CD.

The band plays melodic Death/Black Metal in the way most bands do nowadays, having nothing interesting to show us. Their music is a mediocre mixture of known bands of the genre, but you obviously have to have the guts and most of all the talent to mix the music bands like DISSECTION, DARK TRANQUILITY and KALMAH have created. And despite having some boring compositions to present, PLANET RAIN hit us with one more negative thing about this demo CD. Melodic Death Metal bands are mostly based on their shiny productions. The fact is that the Swedish Metal act doesn't even have one! The sound is incredibly shitty and since Sweden has used us to high quality sound, I won't spend more time on Fracture.

Departure 2007

"Fracture" Track-listing:

The Transcendent Void
In Absentia
The Battle Of Megiddo
Into Lunacy Fade

Planet Rain Lineup:

Par Sving - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Johan Sjoblom - Guitar
Jimmy Mattsson - Bass, Backing Vocals
Tommy Holmer - Drums, Backing Vocals

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