Mankind Way Of Life

Planar Evil

From the very first time I saw the album's cover and the band's logo I […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 18, 2009
Planar Evil - Mankind Way Of Life album cover

From the very first time I saw the album's cover and the band's logo I was damn sure that their music couldn't be anything else than old school, traditional Thrash Metal. Let's see if the Italian thrashers can rock us so hard...

Formed in 2000, the band has only managed to record and release a demo CD entitled Land Of Doom. Several years later the band records its very first full-length album and the interested MDD Records offers a deal for its release. Thus we reach today with the album being out there and me trying to review it.

The band is trying to combine two big Thrash Metal scenes, the US and The German one, and that's why there are times they sound like DESTRUCTION, while there are also times they sound like FORBIDDEN. PLANAR EVIL are actually trying to present a raw and straightforward Thrash sound, exactly like the one that someone would find in the 80's. There are only a few guitar leads here and there that break the monotony and some totally disharmonic Thrash solos, but hey, not everyone can be Kerry King! They are not bad, they are more than decent at what they do, but in my humble opinion when you play something that takes you back more than 20 years and you are a new band you should pay more attention to how you present it. The compositions could definitely be better, the production, too, and I guess that I wouldn't mind finding lyrics in the booklet...

I guess that in this sound (that many bands try to bring back nowadays) I have come across better releases. I guess that PLANAR EVIL should try a bit harder.

5 / 10


"Mankind Way Of Life" Track-listing:

Vengeance'll Come
Run Away
Stabs In The Back
Master Of Deceit
Land Of Doom
In Front This Storm
Only Crimes
God Illusion
Welcome To Transylvania

Planar Evil Lineup:

Mark Evil - Vocals, Guitar
Max - Bass, Vocals
Antonio - Guitar
Amicare - Drums

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