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Plague Weaver

PLAGUE WEAVER is a Canadian Black Metal band based out of Mississaugua, Ontario. This is […]
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PLAGUE WEAVER is a Canadian Black Metal band based out of Mississaugua, Ontario. This is their debut EP, which contains only two short tracks, released on March 17, 2019. Black Metal is so diverse these days...there hundreds of ways the band could go...traditional/old school, atmospheric, Post, SWOBM, etc. Let's get to the music to find out what kind of band PLAGUE WEAVER is.

"Condemned to Worship" is the first track. It opens with ominous piano notes...dark and mysterious in nature. The main riff hits and the sky slowly fades to black. The vocals are raspy and evil sounding. The riff is depressive and despondent, and there is something in the background lurking. They build slowly in layers...this isn't your dad's Black Metal. It's harrowing and mesmerizing...with a steady cadence, probably reflective of the cold area where the band hails. It fades out at the end, sucking your soul with it.

"YHWH" is a shorter track, at just over three minutes in length. It's a faster moving track at first, then settles into a darkness that surrounds you. Like the sky turns into the Beast...reaching out for you with his bony and shadowy hands, which wrap around your throat with an absolute coldness that you can feel all the way to your bones. The vocals are varied from guttural utterances to near-spoken word. I'm unsure what he is saying, but it compels you to follow.

Overall, two tracks are a very short EP, but you can tell the band is onto something here. It's fresh and modern, scathing and the darkest of evil. Black Metal can make you feel connected with the darker side of your personality, but there is something here that gives you peace as well. Peace perhaps for embracing your dark side, for giving in to natural indications, instead of holding them back in favor of peace and harmony. I would love to hear more from this band, and this EP is just a taste of what they are capable of.Purchase Link:

8 / 10









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"Plague Weaver" Track-listing:

1. Condemned to Worship

Plague Weaver Lineup:


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