Plague of Stars

What we have here is a Minnesota Melodic Metal band. They display a vast array […]
By Sergio Andrés
August 26, 2019
Plague of Stars - Daedalus album cover

What we have here is a Minnesota Melodic Metal band. They display a vast array of tricks from lots of Metal subgenres. "Virus" opens with fast tremolo riffs on the lower registers and blast beats. The keyboard plays a note here and there just for accents and crescendos. A nice mix for the vocals allows for everything to sound reasonably arranged. Although, cymbals could have been little bit louder. Interesting vocal lines, musical intervals are on fire.

"Seven" grooves in a ¾ fashion, with oniric keys adding more colors to the canvas. At the 3:05 mark there is a soft interlude where the whole band detours in such an elegant way, the singer goes full histrionism, while the bass is playing some subtle licks. Dynamics hits like a ton of bricks.

"Daedalus" sounds with Scandinavian bravado, keeping that bouncing mix of tension and looseness, rhythmic-wise. Double kick is a little bit over the place, and the piano spot in the mix is quite isolated. The tune has a Broadway aura amen to the massive amount of musical information that´s going on underneath.

"A Divisive Essence" has an abrasive sound and a high tempo, great harmonies on the operatic verses. "Baby in a Light Bulb Bath" has a Sludgy feel and an exceptional vocal line, yes, it is operatic, but it is wicked, I can see an evil grim coming from that singer. Nice ¾ groove, at the 4:00 mark we are entering to the rhythmic world of TOOL. I like these lyrics "Marionettes of the sphere, Puppeting voices of fear" it fits the time signature, the intention of the narrator, the eeriness of the staccato riffs. Tautologies aside, but I think this is the best song of the record, the band sounds meaner, roomier, and boosting all their talents like they are having fun with it. I can hear the panned mix of the rhythm guitar, the double kicks appear in a specific spot, not the whole track, the keyboards add lots of substance, and the bass shines. This song set a high bar for the rest of the album.

The final tune "I Wrote a Letter to Time," reminded me a little bit of "Twilight Symphony" of KING DIAMOND´S Them, because it has that vibe of momentum, of closing a full circle work with a dark sinister twist. Do you want a proof? Check out these lyrics: "Throw you in to your black hole... Let go of control. Melt on the event horizon. And with it, end progress within" the way how the singer attack those vowels exude stage experience and expertise. I can understand every syllable she is narrating, conveying accurately the message, which is the number one golden rule, that sometimes Metal singers don´t apply: GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS.

I enjoyed this record, it was a joyride to review it, it has minimal nitpicking details to fix, but I can envision this piece as the blueprint of the next glorious step.

8 / 10









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"Daedalus" Track-listing:

1. Virus
2. Seven
3. Daedalus
4. Suffering
5. A Divisive Essence
6. Baby in a Light Bulb Bath
7. The Lies and the Blind
8. Glass Gaze
9. I Wrote a Letter to Time

Plague of Stars Lineup:

Melissa Ferlaak - Vocals
Tim Morton - Bass
Aaron "Frodo" Caulfield - Guitar
Will Maravelas - Guitar
Aaron Lanik - Drums

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