Pinto Graham

 PINTO GRAHAM Is an Southern Rock Band from New Haven Connecticut,, "Dos" is their second […]
By Cullen Balbridge
June 9, 2019
Pinto Graham - Dos album cover

 PINTO GRAHAM Is an Southern Rock Band from New Haven Connecticut,, "Dos" is their second release as the name suggests. It is a pretty cool release, especially if you are a Southern Rock fan. Reckart formed the band in 2013 along with Harris releasing "Uno" in 2017. "Further" introduces itself with a cool ass drums which kinda reminds me of a native American pow wow beat and a heavy riff for the type of music that it is, with cool southern fried vocals, the drumming kicks ass,, well everything kicks ass in this song. "Sleeping Giant" has a southern grunge thing going on it has, just an evil ass bass line with a whaling guitar incorporated and the drums fitting in nicely, the vocals and backing vocals are perfect in this song.

"Southern Superstition" is a song about southern tradition of superstition, I personally dig the aspect of incorporating this song in this release, tails of folklore and superstition has been around forever and will be added upon and will outlive us all. "Dream Catcher" is another great song that dabbles in folklore and Is very well put together with great drums, stunning bass lines and exquisite guitar work, the vocals are on point for this song, it's dirty ass rock and roll that everything after was built off of. "Old Man Of The Mountain" is an explosion of guitars, drums and bass pushing a southern blues rock sound, with deep uptempo vocals that eventually gives way to a slower deeper almost psychedelic vibe with vocals and excellent musicianship layered together beautifully, It's a very well put together song that exploits each musicians talents.

"The Weight" enters with a blues riff that is heavily supported by charismatic bass lines with the drum beat being planted in perfectly and effortless between and over the top of each note of the guitar and bass playing, with perfect vocals being delivered as with it has been with every song on this album. PINTO GRAHAM has managed to put out an excellent with their second release "Dos." It is very cool to see band carry on the flag of 70's southern rock into today and the future and adding their own flare to it without disturbing the foundation that it was built from. I personally loved listening to this release and think if you love southern rock with a splash of alternative mingled delicately into it, you will love this release.Purchase Link:

10 / 10









"Dos" Track-listing:

1. Further
2. Sleeping Giant
3. Southern Superstitions
4. Dream Catcher
5. Old Man Of The Mountain
6. The Weight

Pinto Graham Lineup:

Brian Harris Drums
Andre Roman Guitars, Vocals
Ant Reckart Bass, Vocals

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