25th Century Blood


So I thought with this one I would start with the first track which also […]
By Michael Coyle
February 8, 2015
Pigspeed - 25th Century Blood album cover

So I thought with this one I would start with the first track which also happens to be the title track 25th Century Blood. The opening to this song is very different yet in a lot of ways very original as it combines the use of the slow and mellow bass lines with hard hitting drum and guitar parts which come out of nowhere every few seconds which i feel is a tactic to keep the listener interested in whats going on at that time, as the beat keeps going you can notice that the drums are getting louder each time until it stops in place with a solid sound that shows what is about to happen. The song goes into full drive and I feel that with what I am hearing I am able to go mental to in a lot of ways, the track has speed and it has groove which combines the best of everything these thrashers have to give. In a lot of ways this track holds together a nice little piece of everything which makes it very much worth the listen as it has balls to it.

The next track I chose to add to this review is a heavy hitter with incredible beats and grooves that form the song Alone. As with before the song follows a formula of starting slow then hitting into full with relentless force and skill, along with the vocals of Fabiano the guitars of both Fausto and Diego are just as heavy and gritty as the tone this band is able to gain which is just insane. The band have this unbelievable heaviness and Melody which really shows what kind of act they would be live, the song itself though is just Groovy as hell and keeps on going on and on like no ones business which just makes you want to bang your head hard to the flow of this tune. The song has a change in tone near the middle where we hear it getting lighter preparing for the solo area of the song which really helps the structure of this song in a lot of ways, all in all this is by far my favorite on this record which was hard to chose to be honest as every song has it's own persona and idea to it which really make everything on this record solid.

To conclude. The record itself is a solid powerhouse that keeps knocking you down over and over, truly a salute to this record is needed as it is something incredible!!

10 / 10


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"25th Century Blood" Track-listing:

1. 25th Century Blood
2. Blood Drop
3. Born
4. Only Blood
5. Alone
6. Bleeding Blood On The Blooded Blood
7. Biotech Is Godzilla
8. Pus
9. Mellow Yellow (Live) 

Pigspeed Lineup:

Kama - Drums
Fausto - Guitars (lead)
Diego - Guitars (rhythm)
Angelo - Bass
Fabiano - Vocals

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