Pica Fierce

Pica Fierce

This is another self financed released that has been to the Metal Temple for quite […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
April 26, 2008
Pica Fierce - Pica Fierce album cover

This is another self financed released that has been to the Metal Temple for quite some time waiting patiently to get in the reviews section. So, the time has come for me to present you the debut album of PICA FIERCE a band that hails from Norway. Due to the luck of biographic data I can tell you nothing about the band's past apart from the following facts: it was formed somewhere in 1999 and has already won the first part of the 'Wacken Metal Battle' and waits for the second one in the 9th of May.
Decadence is an excellent opener with fast drums and excellent guitar riffs. The bands brings some 80s Thrash Metal influences with guitar driven patterns and vocals that balance on the border line between Thrash and Black Metal. With The Weight Of Condemnation things become even more interesting with the mid tempo that slowly builds the heavy as hell rhythm section with the drums and the distinct bass guitar doodle. Here, the vocals bring to mind Tom Angelripper  from the Agent Orange era until the Thrash Metal fast break near the end kicks in. More aggression is on the way with the killer Reptile that is based on the twin guitar recipe and the heavier The Coming Of The 4th World that looks towards the KREATOR side. The next track, Swan Song gets the title of the best song of the album kicking in with double guitar catchy hooks that for a strange reason reminded me of MEGADETH, an excellent solo and some atmospheric backing vocals. The band from Norway have succeeded to blend the Heavy Metal lead guitars with some Black Metal influences from bands like EMPEROR and create an almost personal sound. The melodic guitar profile has nothing to do with the predictable (for many) Melodic Death Metal scene since there is more depth than just a compilation of catchy riffs. You can bang your head with the Thrashers Into Oblivion and enjoy the atmosphere in New Beginning (great symphonic intro here) and the melodic clean guitar breaks in Spiral Violence.
Without being far-fetched, I can surely say that PICA FIERCE managed to impress me with this release and kind of regretting that I let it waiting all this time to get on the reviews section. If you believe half of my saying then go and visit the band's  myspace   to listen to a couple of tracks and eventually agree entirely with me. Below you can watch the video clip for Reptile.
 Pica Fierce - Reptile

"Pica Fierce" Track-listing:

The Weight Of Condemnation
The Coming Of The 4th World
Swan Song
Consumers Consumed
Into Oblivion
Spiral Of Violence
A New Beginning

Pica Fierce Lineup:

Oystein - Vocals, Guitar
Kjetil - Guitar
Hallgeir - Bass Guitar
Eirik - Drums

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