Destination Unknown

Phoenix Reign

This album can win your attention for several reasons, except for its nice music. Although […]
By Yiannis Doukas
July 12, 2008
Phoenix Reign - Destination Unknown album cover

This album can win your attention for several reasons, except for its nice music. Although we're talking about a self-released CD, it's really notable the professional work that has been done in all parts of it. It has a wonderful artwork together with an impressing cover, a painting by I. Nikou, the production is very good and the most important (as said above), it  includes really well-played music.
The band is based in New York but has its roots in Greece since three members are from there: Billy, Chris and Kostas, that firstly started the band in their 'origin' country. After some demo releases, having relocated in the States with the addition of Wayne and Theresa in drumming and vocals duties correspondingly, we are arriving in the beginning of 2007 and their debut album, Destination Unknown.
The musical destination is certainly focused between IRON MAIDEN's dual axe attack, the way that the majority bands from U.S.A. have filtrated them. The female vocals will bring you close to the CHASTAIN albums, mixed with bands like ZANDELLE and GOTHIC KNIGHTS mostly 'cause of the influences of the British legends. Their instrument abilities are in high level, giving them the opportunity of writing nice compositions plus the vocals may be not so powerful for their music style but they have a special color and dynamics that can trap you immediately. I have to mention that some times the lines are highly inspired, bringing the whole resolution to maximum ear pleasure levels.
Most of the songs are really good; for example, you can check any of the first eight tracks, Masquerade Angel has fantastic vocals like Another Night Alone, while it's sure that you will have satisfaction with the guitar work in songs like Open Your Eyes and Run Now. The self-titled and Moving On songs aren't something special, the second one looks like impromptu written but the shock will arrive in the last opus, Constantinople 1453. We are talking about a killer song, bringing you in the middle of furious battles, amazing riffs and a refrain you will remember for a long time. Having inside some traditional Greek instruments like tzoura and kanonaki, their strange and exotic sound brings a more dramatic and sad feel to the song, turning it into a glorious epic tune.
PHOENIX REIGN shows us that they not only have talent but also a disposal to offer their best in all directions. The only thing I would like them to be different in is a more heavy and clear sound in the guitars. Destination Unknown is highly recommended and brings us enthusiasm for their next album. Till then you can dive into the battle outside the walls of Constantinople.


7 / 10


"Destination Unknown" Track-listing:

The Gates Of Bosphorus
Masquerade Angel
Another Night Alone
Open Your Eyes
Run Now
Wherever You Are
Destination Unknown
Moving On
Constantinople 1453 (On The Eve Of The Fall)

Phoenix Reign Lineup:

Theresa Gaffney - Vocals
Billy Chrissochos - Guitar
Chris Pollatos - Bass
Kostas Psarros - Guitar
Wayne Noon - Drums

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