Generation Coward


Grindcore legends, PHOBIA, return with their new EP, "Generation Coward". Bringing with them the absolute […]
By James Brizuela
July 9, 2019
Phobia - Generation Coward album cover

Grindcore legends, PHOBIA, return with their new EP, "Generation Coward". Bringing with them the absolute raw brutality they have been producing for over 30 years. If the cover art is any indication to what the album is about, you can surely guess what they are bringing with the track titles. The album is an attack on the PC culture and "trolls" that run rampant on the internet today. But not only do you get to join in the celebration with the track titles, you also get to get your head beaten in by the sheer brutality of the album. The EP opens with its longest track in "Cynic Bastard". A circus of blast beats, chunky guitar riffing, and high pitch backing vocals throws you right into the madness of the album. The album showcases gut punching short tracks that deliver on every facet of punk infused metal mayhem. I especially like the band laughing at the vernacular used in today's youth with the track "Haters be Hating When Ya Living Good". Sitting at a whopping seven seconds of play time, the track gets right to the point. It simply recites the title of the track, accompanied by some brutal blast beats and fast guitar playing. Same goes for the track "Bozo of Grind".

There is nothing more you can do when listening to PHOBIA than to strap yourself in and take in the mauling your brain is about to receive. From being thrown around mentally by tracks like "Imbecile", to being kicked when you're down from "Excretion", this album is pure raw glory. I love the off-time signature that "Cut Throat" starts with only to lead right back into the brutal fast playing that is present in the entirety of the album. And of course, you must show some respect for the South Park quote in "PC Facist Fuck Off". Like their own DEAD KENNEDYS punk ballad, but for the new age, this track is a raw homage to chant into the air with your fist raised. You get a small taste of a slower tempo in "Aspiration Lost" that allows you to slow down for a small moment to bang your head. Same goes for "Miserable Awakening", after the sheer speed of the opening of the track we are treated to some chanting vocals that make you want to throw your first back into the air repeatedly while joining in the chant.

After 30 plus years of releasing music, PHOBIA prove they have no intention of slowing down with "Generation Coward". So, get ready to be thrown around and I'll see you in the pit.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Generation Coward" Track-listing:

1. Cynic Bastard
2. Haters be Hating When Ya Living Good
3. Imbecile
4. Bozo of Grind
5. Internet Tough Guy
6. Excretion
7. Cut Throat
8. PC Fascist Fuck Off
9. Aspiration Lost
10. Falsification
11. Miserable Awakening
12. To be Convinced
13. Condemned to Hell

Phobia Lineup:

Calum Mackenzie - Bass
Bruce Reeves - Guitars
Shane Mclachlan - Vocals
Danny Walker - Drums

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