I could find no information about this Progressive Metal band, so we will have to […]
Philosophobia - Philosophobia album cover

I could find no information about this Progressive Metal band, so we will have to let the music do all of the talking for us. Their self-titled album here contains eight tracks. "Thorn in your Pride" opens the album; the longest song of all eight. It begins with some soft vocals and smooth, quiet keys. A heavy guitar riff then slams in...reminiscent for me of the 80's band QUEENSRYCHE. Keyboards and guitars play nicely together here, neither one taking center stage. The sound retreats when vocals are added for the first verse, but returns with a vengeance. The constant push and pull of audibility here keeps you on your toes. Stick with's a lengthy song that uses changes in emotions to push its message.

"I Am" begins with a bubbling riff about to take off. Some more of the Progressive elements are more noticeable here, as the riff digs in deep and hard. The vocals are smooth and easy once again. The music is fairly complex so far but it lacks a little identity. "Time to Breathe" opens with clean guitar tones and some despondent elements. A heavy riff opens things up a bit and some of the chord progressions are unusual. Some of the mid-section of the song sees the band explore a little, and the choruses are laden with melodies. "Between the Pines" begins with sad piano notes and smooth but cold vocals. The lead guitar notes further the feelings of despondence.

"As Light Ceased to Exist" opens with more sad piano notes. The main riff brings with it some melody, as the rougher edge of the song is revealed with semi-harsh vocals. The song settles on an adventurous riff near the half-way mark that gets your blood pumping. "Thirteen Years of Silence" begins with a heavier riff and some keys. I really like the melodies that develop after the opening riff in the piano notes. And check out that fantastic keyboard solo...Tobias is showing his skills here. "Voices Unheard" opens with an aggressive and speedy riff with a plethora of cymbal crashes. This song features angry tones that rise above the lamenting sounds with fervor and excitement. The middle section features some slow and smooth melodies, and I would like to hear more of these, especially the guitar solo that follows.

"Within my Open Eyes" closes the album. It opens cautiously and with warning. The main sound rolls in with vocal harmonies, but the slow-moving pace keeps the song from really getting off the ground. Overall, this album turned out to be mediocre in the end. The musicianship of the band is impressive, but much of the sound has an underlying tone of lament that runs strongly throughout. An entire album of these types of songs is just a little hard to stomach. There was a good deal of wasted potential here, and it's a shame.

5 / 10









"Philosophobia" Track-listing:

1. Thorn in your Pride
2. I Am
3. Time to Breathe
4. Between the Pines
5. As Light Ceased to Exist
6. Thirteen Years of Silence
7. Voices Unheard
8. Within my Open Eyes

Philosophobia Lineup:

Domenik Papaemmanouil - Vocals
Andreas Ballnus - Guitars
Tobias Weißgerber - Keys
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Bass
Alexander Landenburg - Drums

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