White Noise

Phil Vincent

Why do I feel I already 'know' this name? Phewww...Rhode Island, US-based Phil Vincent will […]
By Grigoris Chronis
June 23, 2008
Phil Vincent - White Noise album cover

Why do I feel I already 'know' this name? Phewww...Rhode Island, US-based Phil Vincent will give it to you good, if your cup of tea is (mainly) American melodic yet hard Rock, since White Noise (the latest in a series of self-financed albums) features everything you'd want to hear in the DOKKEN, VAN HALEN and (80s) SCORPIONS (or PINK CREAM 69) vein.
Phil Vincent sent this CD on his own; I grabbed the cover artwork and tried to 'decode' it. A 'dark' Flying-V guitar on flames; I'd bet for some (any) Schenker/Hoffman relation, and I was semi-accurate. Then, listening to the songlist for a coulpe of times, I would not escape from noticing Phil's voice crossing some Don Dokken-meets-Claus Meine paths (with some of Jorn Lande and David Readman), while the songs' structure would reveal a tendency to step on some of the aforementioned singers' bands. As for Phil's guitar playing, add the spark of George Lynch plus the efficiency of Eddie Van Halen (with a share of Zakk Wylde's volume and John Sykes' British adrenaline) and you can get a brief idea.
To expand: thirteen songs, most of them in mid-pace patterns, with Phil singing as well as playing the guitars, bass, drums and keys. Some 'lead' contribution comes from his friends, axemen Steven Albanese, William Roux, Paul Colombo and David Zychek. Bearing in mind - and still impressed to this fact - that this Phil Vincent's 10th(!) studio album, it is normal that the man's OK with his confidence in building up a scheme well-worked and 'decorated' in terms of songwriting formulas. Well, the production is not that 'pomp' for a modern 'melodic' Hard Rock CD, but: a) this is expected, for a private release, b) the songs are so remarkable that you will not even pay attention - at times - to the, adequate anyway, sound.
The guitar riffs are rather impressive, based on some harsh motives with inspiring licks; I loved e.g. Voice Of Reason and Run & Hide ('crawling' excellent tempo) for this. The leads are affluent, presenting an amalgam of melody and 'gonna getcha' outlook; an obvious example is Another Day (you can listen to it in Vincent's MySpace page) and Hostile Environment. Have not heard to Phil Vincent's previews works - still, read relative reviews and got a draft idea - but White Noise stands tall as a 'fresh' Hard Rock album (no ballad in, xaxa!) with tense but also notable melodies; if I'd propose something, I'd focus only into wishing for some less 'melancholy' in the vocals.
Anyway, this does not prevent White Noise from succeeding in winning a place in your CD player, provided you'll give some fair chance to a man whose work is 100% honest and at your disposal. Take the chance. And...ah...I figured out Phil Vincent's name was included in the TRAGIK - Poetic Justice CD released via Escape Music in mid-2007. I read my own review again to recall (sic!), and...OK...White Noise is even better!
P.S.: Listening to the album for one more time, semi-AOR Show Me How proves to be my favorite one. And what a maniacal solo warapping up the song...

7 / 10


"White Noise" Track-listing:

How Long
Another Day
This Time
I Wish You Could See Me Now
Don't Get Me Wrong
Voice Of Reason
Take What You Want
Run & Hide
Hostile Environment
Show Me How
Fall To Pieces
Give Me A Reason

Phil Vincent Lineup:

Phil Vincent - Vocals, All Instruments

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