Immortal's Requiem

Phantom Spell

PHANTOM SPELL is the brainchild of Kyle McNeill. Front man for London based classic metal […]
By Dave "That Metal Guy
July 12, 2022
Phantom Spell - Immortal's Requiem album cover

PHANTOM SPELL is the brainchild of Kyle McNeill. Front man for London based classic metal stalwarts, SEVEN SISTERS. Having established his command of song craft over several albums with the UK's twin-guitar renegades, McNeill has decided to add a second string to his bow...delving heart-first into a musical love letter to his favorite Prog Rock artists of yesteryear. The album contains six tracks.

The title track leads off the album. It's a short, mood-setter. Winds move quickly through grey skies, with thunder and lightning claps. The vocals are clean, and the affection is somber and emotional. "Dawn of Mind" begins with lead guitars and keyboards, and a good deal of melody. It relaxes with clean vocals. When it picks back up, the vocals are emotive and the pace is hasty. There is a bit of Power Metal mixed in here, especially in the cadence of the song. "Seven Sided Mirror" begins with guitars and keys mixed together and a bit of a melancholy sound, and the early meter shifting shows Kyle's skills. The dual lead guitars bring some harmony to the table following the second chorus.

"Up The Tower" begins with a hasty and energetic riff and some audible bass notes. The jumpy sound is quite catchy, although the background could use a little more filling. The vocals go well with the sound, and the guitar solo is fantastic. "Black Spire Curse" opens with keyboards and lead guitar notes, in a jovial jaunt of sorts. The melody is just a bit melancholy but catchy. The sound the shifts to more heavy and aggressive guitars and a riff that reminds me of early RUSH. He mixes it up in a hefty display of musicianship.

"Blood Becomes Sand" begins with slower tones and some heavy emotions. The vocals are done with tender harmonies. From there, a heavier riff enters, slow and sorrowful. Following the chorus, it picks up with a faster-moving sound. There is a long fade-out at the end. "Moonchild" closes the album. It has more "get-up-and-go" to it, with old school keys supporting an affable riff together with moving bass notes. This song is well balanced with that background I was talking about earlier being more filled in. I enjoyed the album. It didn't blow me away, but his tender sense of musicianship is noteworthy. Take note of his skills here...they are subtle but hit the mark, as does the production as a whole. If you are looking for a moody album with excellent artistry, give this album a go.

7 / 10









"Immortal's Requiem" Track-listing:

1. Immortal's Requiem
2. Dawn of Mind
3. Seven Sided Mirror
4. Up The Tower
5. Black Spire Curse
6. Blood Becomes Sand
7. Moonchild

Phantom Spell Lineup:

Kyle McNeill

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