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What's up Thrash Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on […]
December 19, 2015
Pestilence - The Dysentry Penance album cover

What's up Thrash Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on PESTILENCE's new compilation album: "The Dysentry Penance".

This Australian quintet have compiled a 40 minute album bundle of 2 classic Demo releases from their repertoire; "Dysentery" and "The Penance" for newcomers and veterans alike to indulge in on for new discovery sake, or to jam out to once again - but in remastered form. With already 7 albums since formation in 1984; an extensive fan base from around the world, the band are in their prime and have deserved their ranks in Metal.

Typically, I knew this would be a Thrash Metal band. For me, the sound production wasn't at all that great (obviously being Demo remasters, I should have expected so) ...almost having nostalgia from when I discovered the UK Thrash Metal quintet: DESOLATOR; of which both bands have that similar trademark sound of "kind of" rough sounding. But still, it's not at all awful if the instrumentation has quality; it doesn't always have to sound "clean" in order for an album to kick arse or not.

So you might ask what "The Dysentry Penance" sounds like? Well, it's a great and typical Thrash Metal album, most definitely. It's crushing, deadly, manic fast, and powerful. You'll have your head rattling in no time. For me, listening to PESTILENCE is a new thing and from the get go, I noticed this raw sound that well; sounded killer. I thoroughly enjoyed most songs, and this compilation only got louder and better in the end.

Patrick Mameli has typical Thrash Metal vocals that one would argue; that he is on par form with Joel Grind from the mighty TOXIC HOLOCAUST, also pumping out hard riffs on Lead Guitar, as well as Patrick Uterwijk for backup. We have a force to be reckoned with. You can really hear Georg Maier's bass kicking arse as well. David Haley is also a Metal drumming madman! Expect some whiplash after jamming this.

So what else can I talk about? The songs. Of course they're all compiled into one collection and from the get go - "Against The Innocent" begins with a futuristic introduction...only to smack you in the face of reality, moments in with this all-round fusion of Metal madness. First time; you'll probably not feel so impressed with the sound production but again, a compiled album of past songs will give you that impression. Don't get me wrong, the songs and sound production kick arse, just might be a little shock for a newcomer like me, I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

The real brutality but also pounding begins in: "Delirical Life" the fast intensity this band produce is truly outstanding. Being a thrasher; my neck definitely felt stronger after this one. The groovy guitar notes; power within each musician's inner strength, only gave ME more power and strength. I was a hyper lightning rod after listening to this album. The fist-pumping continues in "Traitor's Gate"; slowly toned down but still a crusher, you'll know what I mean about whiplash after this one too.

Seriously, riffs unheard of made me go nuts. This is a true Thrash Metal band all right. "Throne Of Death" is almost a similar outcome with just as crushing musicianship and instrumentation. The brutality just gets better. "Into Hades" gives the listener a break until the 6 minute long "Before The Penance" kicks in; much groove and power, this one quickly became my favourite song. Which also, became insanely louder. Being a newcomer; I honestly thought this was a newer song but remastered. I had no idea; until I researched, that this was a 2 Demo compiled bundled, remastered album, basically.

With "Affection" and "Fight The Plague" having an almost similar outcome; "The Dystency Penance" is definitely a nice bonus for fans of PESTILENCE who want to own everything in their repertoire of demos and albums. And this might also be a great start for newcomers, being a couple classic demo releases bundled into one neat package. It's a great collector's item for veterans especially, but more so as well; a great start for newcomers to discover in on some old but gold material, adding a cherry on top that makes this... -album material- 2 Live tracks; my favourite one: "Before The Penance (Live)" and "Fight The Plague (Live)" for a complete package as a bonus.

So if I haven't yet convinced you that this band is worth checking out for Metal's sake. Then I honestly don't know what else I can say here. This is a Thrash Metal band that are worth noting, and I for one will be looking out for them, as well. Well done, guys! You have yourselves a new fan.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"The Dysentry Penance" Track-listing:

1. Against The Innocent
2. Delirical Life
3. Traitor's Gate
4. Throne Of Death
5. Into Hades
6. Before The Penance
7. Affection
8. Fight The Plague
9. Before The Penance (Live)
10. Fight The Plague (Live

Pestilence Lineup:

Patrick Mameli - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Uterwijk - Lead Guitar
Georg Maier - Bass
David Haley - Drums

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