Netherlands own necromorphs PESTILENCE return with their seventh doctrine, and their debut on Candlelight Records. […]
By Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco
October 28, 2013
Pestilence - Obsideo album cover

Netherlands own necromorphs PESTILENCE return with their seventh doctrine, and their debut on Candlelight Records. I was so excited when they reformed and came out with "Resurrection Macabre", but I found their last ditch effort "Doctrine" to be displaced in sound spheres and leading to the process of suffocation. I have always supported the band, and I even dug what "Spheres" had to offer in its daring attempt to be different.

Unfortunately, this album is all that I loathe about the new direction of the band. My consuming impulse is to just not listen to it at all, but I want to be objective in my mind reflections, so I will subordinate to the domination and stand to delve into the secrecies of horrible melodies, boring time changes, lack of suggestive soling, and almost incomprehensible lyrical content.

It is surprising that again HAIL OF BULLETS have a new album due out the same time as "Obsideo", but again that is far better than this in almost every respect, and it may be the worst HAIL OF BULLETS to date, as they too have lost their edge, and are relying on lyrical themes, more so than on the divine winds of melody to promote their imperial anthems.

Even though I feel stigmatized to continue, I will sully forth in case there are those of you out there who actually prefer the newer pestilent sound to that of the unholy trinity of albums they unleashed in the late 80's and early 90's. The soul rot begins with the simplistic title track which does nothing for me. The transition continues with songs that are more akin to "Spheres" meets "Cruelty And The Beast" by CRADLE OF FILTH. "Superconscious" "NecroMorph" and "Aura Negative" are clear cut examples of these, and probably the best two new cuts, and maybe even "Soulrot" for its average solo exchanges.

Both Patrick continue to ply their craft with a devouring frenzy, but trash their talent and potential by not exploring other outlets of experimentation. In their time these twisters of truth once set a precedent for progressive Death along with ATHEIST, CYNIC, and BELIEVER, but now they are all out of the body of influence and relegated to the land of tears shed by those of us who view "Testimony Of The Ancients" as a masterpiece.

The more I try to tolerate this malignant and sinister deception, the more I realize that each unnecessary strained string oversaturation annoys me to the point of mass confusion. The extreme junction of guitar dynamics lose their path of systematic instruction. The cycle of resistance to evolving, thereby leads to a pair of sidekicks following vain commandments, and not stretching their limbs. The dissolved drums have no real cadence to them. I am wracked with aggravation trying to discern why this is so goddamn bland. Please bring back the master Marco Foddis on drums and timeless Tony Choy on bass and for the sake of our salvation, give us another resurrection most craved. Forgive me my wielders of the Malleus Maleficarum but listening to this dehydrated neuro dissonance could be worse than undergoing chemo therapy.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Obsideo" Track-listing:

1. Obsideo
2. Soulrot
3. Transition
4. Necromorph
5. Laniatus
6. Distress
7. Superconcious
8. Aura Negative
9. Saturation
10. Displace

Pestilence Lineup:

Patrick Mameli - Vocals, Guitars
Patrick Uterwijk - Guitars
Georg Baier - Bass
David Haley - Drums

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