Perzonal War

Personally, I remember the four Germans of Perzonal War being incredibly devoted and ear-glued to […]
By Thodoris Pantazopoulos
August 13, 2004
Perzonal War - Faces album cover

Personally, I remember the four Germans of Perzonal War being incredibly devoted and ear-glued to Metallica, to a point of misunderstanding at times, to say the least. Though San Francisco's 4 horsemen seem to remain their greatest love, there is another really big band haunting Perzonal War's music this time and it's no other than Rage.
Unfortunately, the glaring references to the aforementioned bands were an impervious obstacle in order to judge them as a separate entity in the musical industry. Their music is undoubtedly good and I won't be surprised if they manage to make success but they are messing up with someone else's toys if you know what I mean...
First of all, Matthias Zimmer's voice is extremely similar to James Hetfield's and that's probably because he is imitating him. Successfully though, but it's still an imitation. He also carries Peavy Wagner's (Rage) accent and as you apprehend the result severely lacks of originality.
As far as the music is concerned, the Germans deliver melodic Heavy Metal which redirects you to the benign Metallica era (partly Black Album, Load, Reload) and to Rage's latest period, after End Of All Days. Qualitative hearings nonetheless, and the band itself shows outbursts of inspiration that gather attention, but the result still remains indifferent.
I really don't have anything else to say. The only reason to buy this album would be Metallica's non-existence in this galaxy and only for those who prefer the specific albums from their entire discography. Not that many uh?

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Faces" Track-listing:

Devil In My Neck
Burning Symbols
My Secret
From Within Through Time
Into The Fire
All I Gave
The Essential
Sings Of Chaos
Just Some Pain
The Sleeper (Bonus Track)
What We Call Progressive (Bonus Track)

Perzonal War Lineup:

Sven Krautkramer - Bass
Martin Buchwalter - Drums
Matthias Zimmer - Vocals & Guitar
Sacha Kerschgens - Guitar

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