Perzonal War

This is the sixth album that comes after the very good When Times Turn Red […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
May 14, 2008
Perzonal War - Bloodline album cover

This is the sixth album that comes after the very good When Times Turn Red CD that has been on the stores since late 2005. The band became known from their METALLICA-like sound, having as a spearhead the voice of Matthias Zimmer who sounds pretty much like Hetfield. If you are not familiar to the band then you should not be mistaken by the METALLICA influences because I can assure you that it is not a copycat situation. In fact they have worked their way (and still they do) in every album to create a more personal sound.
Evolution is the album opener, comprising a really catchy guitar riff that introduces the compact rhythm that follows. The vocals enter bearing the Hetfield aura especially in the higher pitches. During the bridge I realized that the band has adopted some IN FLAMES/SOILWORK references with the twin guitars and the groovy chorus. All Sides Black presents some really good guitar work and welcomes another guest appearance along with an insane guitar solo by Victor Smolski (RAGE), who has already proved his support in the Different But The Same album. PERZONAL WAR made their sound heavier than in the previous albums with fast drum pedaling and compact guitars as heard in the killer All Sides Black. This Dead Meaning brings the band closer to the Gothenburg sound, introducing some pretty good keyboards besides the guitars and the headbanging mid-tempo rhythm. Thrash is the main subject in Two Borders that features the trademark voice of Schmier from DESTRUCTION, plus some additional guitar leads from  Wiley Arnett from SACRED REICH. More guest appearances are on the way with the vocals of Gus Chambers, who is known from his excellent work with GRIP INC, and with the guitar of Manni Schmidt (ex-RAGE, GRAVE DIGGER).
I think it is safe to say that PERZONAL WAR have managed to produce an album that is better than the previous, getting further from METALLICA's shadow that in some point was haunting them. They brought some additional heaviness with the riff-driven tracks (think of THE AHUNTED) Infected Choice, New Confidence and  More Than A Day, while keeping safe the melodic breaks in  Dying Face and the excellent The Same Blood. The latter song features down-tuned clean lead and rhythm guitars that fit like a glove to  Zimmer's vocals and a distorted mid-tempo most melodic break.
This is the band's best work so far, introducing a different sound approach that definitely 'won' me. PERZONAL WAR is a really hard-working band that also gives very good live shows (as I witnessed in Greece) as an opening act to a band I currently cannot remember (...I am getting old...).
For The Last Time

8 / 10


"Bloodline" Track-listing:

All Sides Black
This Dead Meaning
Two Borders
Infected Choice
Dying Face
New Confidence
More Than A Day
The Same Blood

Perzonal War Lineup:

Matthias Zimmer - Vocals, Guitar
Daniel During - Guitar
Martin Buchwalter - Drums
Bjorn Kluth - Bass

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