PERVERSOR has been around since 2007. The Blackened Death Metal group is located in Santiago, […]
By Louise Brown
April 10, 2019
Perversor - Umbravorous album cover

PERVERSOR has been around since 2007. The Blackened Death Metal group is located in Santiago, Chile and has been compared to other bands like VOMITOR, and ARCHGOAT, as well as BESTIAL MOCKERY. Today I am reviewing the band's latest album "Umbravorous", which was released in 2018.

"Deadly Poison And Black Fire" starts off the album at a punishing, rapid-fire pace. You know immediately that this band means business when it comes to playing metal. With plenty of rage and darkness expressed perfectly by the guttural vocals of Torrid, the track will have you longing for a mosh pit in no time. "Umbravorous" also starts out heavy and quick. The down-tuned guitars add an interesting element to the song, making it feel more sinister and chaotic. Even with the added distortion the track remains quite balanced as well as enjoyable to listen to. Perhaps those around you who aren't metal fans won't be happy with it, but I'm pretty sure any metal-heads out there would love the song's energy and frenetic spirit.

Unfortunately, one thing becomes apparent fairly fast as I'm listening to the album. The band has developed a formula which they rely on for most of tracks. It's not a bad formula, but it does lead to a certain amount of repetition which quickly becomes irritating as well as monotonous. The exceptions to the formula are the songs "Formidable Destino," "Somnambulus," and "The Excrements Of Infinity Are The Vices Of Divinity".  Each of those tracks had a different character when compared to the others which had a tendency to be sound-likes.

 "Formidable Destino" is one of the fastest songs on the album and has some of the most impressive dark, ominous guitar riffs as well. The vocals on the track have a hectoring quality to them that creates an undeniable level tension as you listen to it. It's an intimidating song that is quite good. "Somnambulus" has better rhythm to it than many of the other songs which gives it more of a Melodic Death Metal sound. The guitar riffs are quick and precise, matching the song's pace quite well. The longer you listen to it the more you'll find yourself wishing that you were on the main floor at a show. "The Excrements Of Infinity Are The Vices Of Divinity" is extremely fast, even by this band's standards, as well as angry and brutally loud. It would be a perfect song to annoy any church-goers that you're not happy with, or perhaps those neighbors who always seem to play their music a bit too loudly whenever you're attempting to relax. It definitely should be on any sort of soundtrack associated with Hell; that is NOT an insult, either.

 While I was a bit disappointed by some of the songs on it I  still thought "Umbravorous" wasn't a bad album. It may not have the most original sound to it, yet it's good enough to add to your collection if you're a fan of Death Metal who's looking to add something a little different. Let's face it, you don't exactly run into Chilean Metal bands all the time; or at least I don't, ha-ha-ha.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Umbravorous" Track-listing:
  1. Deadly Poison
  2. Umbravorous
  3. The Dwell
  4. Formidable Destino
  5. Military Industrial Complex
  6. Somnabulus
  7. The Excrements Of Infinity Are The Vices Of Divinity
  8. Virtual Antropophagy
  9. Merchant Of Spirits
  10. D.M.T.

Perversor Lineup:

Torrid- Vocals
Abominable- Guitars
Morbest- Bass
Knernet- Drums

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