The penultimate Swedish folk-Metal colossus known as PERTNESS return from the Alps with a new […]
By Kevin Burke
December 9, 2018
Pertness - Metamorphosis album cover

The penultimate Swedish folk-Metal colossus known as PERTNESS return from the Alps with a new hard hitting album of divine noise. After six-years in the wilderness the band showcase and answer the questions as to why the wait has been so worth it. "Metamorphosis", the follow up to 2012's "Frozen Time", sees the band experimenting further with that Celtic-hybrid sound, the driving force is their knack at building sweet melodies beneath the most ferocious of guitar riffs all the while injecting an intense level of doom with every stroke and syllable.

The title track "Metamorphosis" opens this ten song offering with subtle clean-picking until it breaks loose and soars, a glimpse of the splendor to come.  Then there is a TOM WAITS meets IRON MAIDEN type sound courtesy of the death growls from lead singer Tom Schluchter, granted, not everyone's cup of tea but the music behind the vocalist makes up for any criticism which may be unfairly aimed at the band. It is at times an in-your-face experience , however, as the album unfolds it becomes a lot more of an enjoyable ride.

By the time "Fortress" launches, the kick drums are at a height of machine gun intensity, the vocals fit perfectly with the arrangement, a track of pure rage rattles the rooftops, "Firestorm" is the definite highlight, the band are pumping through the number as if they are demonically possessed, the production in weaving the animal-like sound of PERTNESS suits their needs perfectly.  They do cross the border into all-out thrash at times with the added bonus of soaring harmonized guitar solos which is thrilling it itself but that old-school dual guitar attack is a tried and tested winner as the band push forward.

"Left Behind" and "I'm A Slave" showcase some variations on the vocals as the sound transcends the music, when the band opens up in full with an epic-assault of energy, even the straightforward rockers keep you latched on to the music, at times becoming addictive and surpassing expectations. Some steady and precise bass runs executed by Marcel Bühler really lends weight to every track, at certain times bordering on a groove metal style.

"There's A Storm In My Mind" is a thumping monumental closer to an album, this melodic breed of metal which at times verges on the cusp of greatness may at times lose its edge slightly from over experimentation with the needless elements of folk and other genres infused within the sound, however it is an interesting album and a leap forward in maturity for PERTNESS.

7 / 10









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"Metamorphosis" Track-listing:

1. Metamorphosis
2. Fortress
3. Words of Lies
4. Firestorm
5. Left Behind
6. I'm a Slave
7. Face to Face with Hell
8. Flying to the Sun
9. Waves of Pain
10. There's a Storm in my Mind

Pertness Lineup:

Tom Schluchter - Vocals, Guitars
Tom Zurbrügg - Guitars
Marcel Bühler - Bass
Tobi Hari - Drums

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