Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: PERRACIDE; signed via Emanzipation Records, […]
June 29, 2023
Perracide - Underdog album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: PERRACIDE; signed via Emanzipation Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Thrash/Death Metal, on their debut full-length studio album entitled: "Underdog" (released June 24th, 2023). Since formation in 2022; the soloist in question has only this here debut full-length studio album in  his discography so far entitled: "Underdog". 14 tracks ranging around 45 minutes; PERRACIDE arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Thrash/Death Metal amalgamations... a cover record that ranges from bands consisting from BENEDICTION & DESTRÖYER 666 to name a couple, which will melt faces big time.

Opening up with this synthetic soundscape of otherworldly proportions; "Inexorable" belts a clobbering foundation in bulldozing adrenaline, as amplified ferocity bludgeons eardrums with visceral velocity & razor-sharp tonality. Showcasing this wildly rushing sulphurate on rampantly rompy thuds of sturdy malice, fabricating a fierce firepower expertise in shredding rips that rumble with reverberating grooves and grindy, punchline tightness that's rambunctiously piledriving. It is unclear whether Perra Karllson performs solo, however Archives suggest otherwise with guest appearances and doesn't show up on the actual album credits... but let's just keep things simple... he blisters eardrums with monolithic tempo and concretely gritty impact, impulsing this rapidly swift strife on strident substance that's primitively raw whilst organically weighty to boot... especially in "The Grotesque".

Profusely robust snares scour with raspy throatiness & venomous momentum, unleashing ruthlessly rampaging malignancy which utilizes versatile vehemence amongst a vivacious strike on hefty calamities... crafting a crunchy aesthetic in extreme bass flickers on top of a dynamic dexterity in monstrously meaty yet pandemonic bombast in berserking mayhem that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time. "In The Eyes Of Suffering" & "Raped" rigorously ramifies with slaying thrashiness, where tremolo building crescendos element at a brutal implementation in blackened intensity... immensely injecting an infectiously empowering slab of solid seamlessness that's vigorously sonic to boot.

"Satanic Sacrifice" & "Domedagen" harnesses hardened instrumental chunkiness, demonstrating a hybrid experimentation in relentless songwriting musicianship... on top of a distinctively distinguished abomination in abhorrent gutturals and grumbling cords that shriek with pugnacious rage. "The Decisive Slaughter" & "Horripilation" conjures up more salubriously rampaging onslaughts of oppressive malevolence, which supplies more savagely sinister remedies that will throttle speakers into dense oblivion. Nothing but distilled chisels manifest with wrathfully systematic rifts of towering maelstrom technicality, arming a brimming dose in deathly but trailblazing speed metal mayhem... as chugging and galloping frolics diabolically soar with roaring madness that's maniacally jumpy whilst renegading & satanically symbolic all at the same time.

"The Dreams You Dread" & "Black Evil" attribute at a heralding but bruising forge in bestial flamboyance in distorted gnarliness, chaotic havoc then rollicks with killer laceration stability... while synergised with cavernous blasphemies that transition with high-octane riffs which unleash riveting yet speedy rhythms of bombarding, groove-bomb assimilations for you to thrash to with kicking revs. On top of stompy retribution; thumpy prowess then revolves through you with steely precision, when "Cut To Fit" & "Torn From The Grave" enthrals a contorted haste in hostile desecration... pummelling through with pounding remorselessness which will bang heads and clench fists with the most aggressive intentions.

Overall concluding "Underdog" with the penultimate "Silence The World" & finale epic DESTRÖYER 666 cover of "Satanic Speed Metal"; which ends in brisk fashion, I am compelled to say that PERRACIDE most surely outdone themselves with this one - a brilliant debut Thrash/Death Metal record that breaks boundaries in a borderline foundation of piercing yet persistently persevering mettle which will start your day off rightly with. An enjoyably entertaining discovery that's worthy of spinning & replaying a good bunch of times, do check it out.

8 / 10









"Underdog" Track-listing:

1. Inexorable
2. The Grotesque (Benediction cover)
3. In the Eyes of Suffering
4. Raped (Deströyer 666 cover)
5. Satanic Sacrifice (Nifelheim cover)
6. Domedagen (Nasum cover)
7. The Decisive Slaughter
8. Horripilation
9. The Dreams You Dread (Benediction cover)
10. Black Evil (Nifelheim cover)
11. Cut to Fit (Nasum cover)
12. Torn from the Grave (Interment cover)
13. Silence the World
14. Satanic Speed Metal (Deströyer 666 cover)

Perracide Lineup:

Perra Karlsson - Drums/Vocals/Songwriting

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