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PERFECT VIEW have assembled a tremendous AOR/Melodic hard rock album with "Timeless". "Timeless" was released […]
By David Crossbowmen
December 26, 2018
Perfect View - Timeless album cover

PERFECT VIEW have assembled a tremendous AOR/Melodic hard rock album with "Timeless". "Timeless" was released October 29th, 2018 via Lions Pride Music, and is, as I would describe it, a bit more on the progressive and heavy side of AOR. Which is a fresh perspective that still has that familiarity. These Italian rockers have honed in their craft and produced an album worth your time. Vocalist Marco Ciancio leads the charge with his warm and sultry voice. Both Francesco Cataldo and Frank Paulis lend a hand on vocals as well, while Frank plays bass and Francesco plays guitar. Rounding out the band are drummer Luca Ferraresi and keyboardist Marco Tedeschi.

"Timeless" opens with "Stop Me, Kill Me, Leave Me". Absolutely catchy chorus that will have you singing along. This is a textbook example of how to pull off melodic hard rock, and it is a sign of what to expect for the rest of "Timeless". "Can't Stop the Fire" is another great tune that flirts with prog elements. Again, another outstanding catchy song. Leading on to "Shades of Us" guitarist Francesco provides some riffs that are a blast from the past. Marco's vocals are high flying and full of conviction. Another killer tune! "Your Love is Gone" is the obligatory ballad, but one that does not bore just the same.

"Don't Look Back" is energetic rocker with razor sharp riffs. Luca provides all the energy needed to push this monster. Halfway through this album it becomes evident that PERVECT VIEW are going for a very different take on melodic hard rock. "No Regrets" has proggy elements. The guitars are chunky. Most importantly, Marco's vocals are soulful and soaring. "Fallin'" is a rocking tune that chugs along until reaching the chorus. Marco is on point again and just ties everything in. If there is something to be said about PERFECT VIEW, is that they just crank out killer tunes. "Outlaw" is no different. Absolute Foreigner worship here and it just slays. Arguably the best song on the album. I have often said that I am a sucker for love songs. "Lorelei" is exactly why I connect with love songs. It is catchy, crunchy, and never cheesy. Not to mention the kickass playing by keyboardist Marco. Closing track "Let it Go" is a bit of a mystery. It starts not meandering one way but steers in the right direction come chorus. Again the keyboards are outstanding. Solid closing song.

Having listened to "Timeless", PERFECT VIEW have gone above and beyond. They have elements of prog and teeters to the heavier metal side. Vocalist Marco is the puppet master that pulls all the strings on "Timeless" with memorable vocal melodies and hooks that compliment the music perfectly (no pun intended). With that being said, this is very much a AOR/Melodic hard rock album. Fans of Foreigner, Dokken, Whitesnake, and Journey would feel at home with "Timeless". PERFECT VIEW have provided a slab of perfectly timeless songs that brings the nostalgia front and center.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Timeless" Track-listing:

1. Stop Me, Kill Me, Leave Me
2. Can't Stop the Fire
3. Shades of Us
4. Your Love is Gone
5. Don't Look Back
6. No Regrets
7. Fallin'
8. Promises
9. Outlaw
10. Lorelai
11. Timeless
12. Let it Go

Perfect View Lineup:

Marco Ciancio - Lead & Background Vocals

Francesco Cataldo - Guitar, Background Vocals
Frank Paulis - Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Luca Ferraresi - Drums
Marco Tedeschi - Keyboards

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