Time For A Miracle

Perfect Plan

PERFECT PLAN has put down an absolutely amazing album with this one. The intro song […]
By Jordan Rogers
November 1, 2020
Perfect Plan - Time For A Miracle album cover

PERFECT PLAN has put down an absolutely amazing album with this one. The intro song and album title "Time For A Miracle" is just as powerful as the title may lead you to believe. I have witnessed what most would consider miracles in my life, and if you have lived and paid attention in these times, I'm sure "miracles" have appeared in your life at least once! This song gives you a strong sense of hope with a powerful leading sound that truly needs to be heard to be appreciated. It will have you feeling hopeful and powerful even before you ever hear the power behind the lead singers voice.

The next powerful ballad of rock we will examine is "Better Walk Alone". This song is the timeless song of walking alone, but the spin that PERFECT PLAN is able to encapsulate gives it a new power all of its own. The powerful voice of Kent Hilli really drives the message in! Give some time to the musical masterpiece that lays beneath, and this song may inspire you through striking some emotional chords. Listen with your heart if you must, music holds messages and who knows, maybe there's one here for you, or maybe not. Listen for whatever reasons you listen, as the music is great all in its own way!

"Fighting To Win" is a super peaceful addition to this already peaceful album. Soothing lyrics, mellow guitar, all intertwined with this overall message of love and hope! Something that is very well needed in this damn world we live in today. With so much disarray going on in society around us, having a message of hope strummed into our eardrums from time to time is all we need to find and feel our place in the world. This song aligns with the album title and has a heavy miraculous undertone intertwined below the surface.

"Just One Wish" is a ballad of love and can entice deep feelings. Encapsulating that yearning for a familiar love, but throwing in an underlying feeling of maybe there is no way that it's going to happen, but remaining hopeful that it just might. This peaceful song will have you in your emotions if it so happens you yearn for love, whether particular or not. I feel everyone can relate to a good love song, and this one has surely landed a spot on my list of great love songs!

So, if you happen to need some peace if this ever so hellish world we happen to be living in, throw on the new album by PERFECT PLAN and get lost in a world of love and hope!

10 / 10









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"Time For A Miracle" Track-listing:

1. Time For A Miracle
2. Better Walk Alone
3. Heart To Stone
4. Fighting To Win
5. Every Time We Cry
6. What About Love
7. Nobody's Fool
8. Living On The Run
9. Just One Wish
10. Don't Blame It On Love Again
11. Give A Little Lovin
12. Don't Leave Me Here Alone

Perfect Plan Lineup:

Kent Hilli - Lead Vocals
Rolf Nordström - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Mats Byström - Bass/Backing Vocals
Leif Ehlin - Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Fredrik Forsberg - Drums/Backing Vocals

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