The Tempter's Victorious

Perdition Temple

Are you a fan of old Black Metal? You know, back in the days when […]
By Aaron "Five Magics" Price
March 3, 2015
Perdition Temple - The Tempter's Victorious album cover

Are you a fan of old Black Metal? You know, back in the days when it was just vocals over a blast of sound? If so, this is that in Death Metal form. Welcome to what is known as PERDITION TEMPLE and their new album "The Tempter's Victorious", and not only is it a constant blast of instrumental with some Death Metal vocals over top it's also... Wait, no that is pretty much what it is. That and random solos out of the blue that seem to turn down all the other instrumentals when they start. The only band I can think to relate them to is Canadian Black Metal band REVENGE with the constant eruption of instrumentals and random solos that appear and disappear out of no where.

There's no one song I can talk about specifically as every song sounds very, very similar in the way that its presented. The only real difference is the lyrics, that you probably can't understand without looking 'em up. Overall just a very unimpressive release with not a whole lot to show from this album; everything sounds the same making the album very tiring I'd say - unless you have an insanely long attention span, or you're a super stoner who tends to just listen to Metal and zone out, this probably is a release you should pass on by.

"The Tempter's Victorious" is out on Hells Headbangers Records, check below for one of the tracks - it'll give you an exact idea what this entire album's like.

2 / 10

What the Hell?

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"The Tempter's Victorious" Track-listing:

1. The Tempter's Victorious
2. Extinction Synagogue
3. Scythes Of Antichrist
4. Goddess Of Death
5. The Doomsday Chosen
6. Chambers Of Perdition
7. Diluvium Ignus
8. Devil's Blessed

Perdition Temple Lineup:

Impurath - Vocals
Bill Taylor - Guitars
Gene Palubicki - Guitars
Gabriel Gozainy - Bass
Ron Parmer - Drums

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