Merciless Upheaval

Perdition Temple

PERDITION TEMPLE had its start in 2009.  Hailing from the Heavy Metal hotbed of Tampa, […]
July 4, 2022
Perdition Temple - Merciless Upheaval album cover

PERDITION TEMPLE had its start in 2009.  Hailing from the Heavy Metal hotbed of Tampa, FL, the band has now released four full lengths.  Their latest is titled "Merciless Upheaval" and was released on June 24, 2022.

The band's form of Blackened Death Metal is certainly easily accessible.  This is evidenced by the title track which kicks things off.  The brutal grind of the guitar leads the proceedings and when coupled with the mechanized rhythm section, an eruption of wrath-filled fury occurs.

The train continues rolling onward with "Execution Swarm" which follows.  The second of four original tracks on the album, it persists with an infernal malice.  Unleashed with fiery spectacle, the band creates a powerful statement of intent: to part the void between realms and channel the storm of hell itself upon this mundane world.

The production highlights the aforementioned blackened guitar tone as its centerpiece, a fixation that lends itself well to the overall air of classically influenced i.e., by the greats across the spectrum of Extreme Metal, metallic fireworks.  Ever plowing forward, the drums stoke the flames as they march on.  Unfortunately, like many Metal albums, the bass is barely audible.  This probably was unintentional yet there are moments when its low-end ire can be appreciated, particularly during the third track, "Redemption Abattoir". Do not be mistaken, the production is not of the cut and paste variety so rampant among bands these days but rather a seemingly accurate snapshot of the band.

The latter half of the album is comprised of covers.  The first of which that should be mentioned is the band's rendition of MORBID ANGEL's "Blood on My Hands" from the classic "Covenant" album.  This was surprising and despite not having heard the original in a while, it was easily recognizable.  PERDITION TEMPLE does not seem intent on reinventing these covers but instead, they are adopting them into their wheelhouse where they comingle and then exit as bona fide PERDITION TEMPLE renditions.  The other cover worth mentioning is "Parricide," a faithful representation of the PESTILENCE song from their debut album, "Malleus Maleficarum".  Along with the other covers, the pays tribute by thus showing their ubiquitous influence upon them.

"Merciless Upheaval" is a solid album.  This is the definition of meat and potatoes Extreme Metal and thanks to the band letting their guard down a bit via the covers, their sound is further defined.  Fans of early to mid '90s Extreme Metal should definitely jump on this!  If this album was released back then, it would feel at home while shining proudly with its production.  Heavy Metal is truly timeless!

7 / 10









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"Merciless Upheaval" Track-listing:

1. Merciless Upheaval
2. Execution Swarm
3. Redemption Abattoir
4. In Thrall of Malevolence
5. Skeletons in the Closet
6. From the Stars, Nyarlathotep
7. Blood on My Hands
8. Parricide

Perdition Temple Lineup:

Gene Palubicki- Vocals, Guitars
Ron Parmer - Drums
Alex Blume - Bass

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