Erie Pennsylvania has an awesome name for a town, and is also a place that […]
By Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy
April 10, 2014
Perdition - Perdition album cover

Erie Pennsylvania has an awesome name for a town, and is also a place that I would love to visit. That desire is growing immensely as I Listen to the self-titled debut album of PERDITION. Now they are not to be confused with the death metal band from Illinois with the same name. Symphonic Death Metal is one of my favorites as far as genre, and these guys should be proud to represent the genre. There is wonderful talent and artistry here. The Metal is f***ing heavy, fast, and brutal, while at the same time they mingle the symphonic edge perfectly into the mix.

The music is simply wonderful, and there's so much talent here. The drums are fast, and unrelenting, with plenty of double bass. They are also a bit intricate. The guitar work is by no means any less awesome. The riffs are heavy, dark, and evil. Just the way I like it. Intricacy is no issue here, at all. The vocals are all harsh and that's perfect. This music is far too heavy to worry about clean vocals. The keyboards and synth, likewise are just awesome. Clare DeSanctis has some real skills on the keys. She blends in the symphonic atmosphere like it's nothing. Just amazing. Her talent can really be heard in the song "Solace". The song is absolutely beautiful, and all piano. Yes everybody is together and right on target. If I didn't know better I would think that these folks were seasoned professionals from the olden days when the genre was fairly new.

Yes, PERDITION has swiftly made it onto my list of favorites. Their music is absolutely fantastic. With the fast heavy as hell drums, the dark evil riffs, and the beautiful addition of the symphonic edge they are a force to be reckoned with. No doubt about it. Everybody in the band has great talent, and you can tell that they put all they got into it. 

10 / 10


"Perdition" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Silent God
3. Spectral Deviant (The Road to Timnah)
4. Interlude in C
5. The Embrace of Undeath
6. Decadence
7. By the Grasp of Haunted Voices
8. Solace
9. Pit of Carrion
10. Legions of Hell
11. Century of the Machine
12. Etude in C
13. Walls of Biblicide

Perdition Lineup:

Cryptic Josh - Vocals
Andrew DeSanctis - Guitar / Backup Vocals
Bryan Raynor - Bass
Noah Scarpelli - Drums
Clare DeSanctis - Keyboards / Synth

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