The Last Bewitchment


The Last Bewitchment is the second full-length release by French band Penumbra, following up their […]
By David Kaluza
May 30, 2002
Penumbra - The Last Bewitchment album cover

The Last Bewitchment is the second full-length release by French band Penumbra, following up their '99 release Emanate. Not being familiar with the band I didn't have a clue what to expect at first, but take my word for it, I was completely blown away by whats on offer here.
The band manages to keep their music incredibly diverse, borrowing elements from various musical styles ranging from gothic to black over orchestral music and amazingly enough succeeds with this as well. Of course in itself the idea of mixing all these styles isn't that new at all, but seldom have I heard it done so convincingly.
Every track in itself is another gem, filled with beautiful melodies and haunting vocals (often switching between black and death grunts, female vocals and choirs) and just has to be heard to be believed. The only thing which could've been improved upon a little next time around is the production, which although still pretty good, could have been just a little bit more powerful and in-your-face (especially the drums).
There's also a concept story tied to the music, but to get the entire low-down on this, you're probably best off visiting the bands homepage and reading the lyrics. Let's just say that they accompany the music excellently, taking you through an entire stage of different emotions.
The final conclusion is simple - I urge everyone to go and check this band out immediately, you won't be disappointed, this album truly is a masterpiece.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"The Last Bewitchment" Track-listing:

Priestess of my dreams
The last bewitchment
Moaning on earth
The young martyr
A torrent of fears
Pie Jesu

Penumbra Lineup:

Jarlaath - vocals, oboe
Dorian - rhythm, lead & acoustic guitars
Neo - rhythm, lead & acoustic guitars
Zoltan - keyboards
Garlic - drums
Agone - bass guitar
Medusa - lyric vocals

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