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Hailing from the Sin city of Amsterdam, NL here is PENELOPE and this is my […]
February 9, 2015
Penelope - Bounce Back album cover

Hailing from the Sin city of Amsterdam, NL here is PENELOPE and this is my review for "Bounce Back"; an album released in mid 2014 by RVP Records. According to the press PENELOPE is Rock, sexy, raw, in-your-face, loud and extremely Heavy... Come on, the term Heavy is overused to begin with and I think that in this case there is a misconception with this word. I believe that the people that wrote those kind of comments should rethink their strategy: Their marketing tricks are unproductive!

Yes, they are Rock but not really raw, more Alternative, I would say...And sexy, well there is a chick singing, does it means it's obviously sexy? Well, I'm not sure...Even if the vocals of miss Vicky Van Zijl are really the most prominent parameter of the whole recording, indeed she's sharing easily his emotive feelings and others aspects with some credibility ("Hush Now").

Still in the promo sheet , we learn that "The members coming from all kinds of different styles in the music-scene, from hardcore to rock opera and translate this into their own intensive sound. PENELOPE has character, personality, experience and dynamics. They express this in intense songs and intimate, explosive live performance".

Once again the publicist's words falls on the curse of the double-edged sword: This band is not bad, but their music is so regular and predictable it's probably something you've heard 100000 times before. Going one step beyond the first sensation of deception, some cuts are better than others ("Running Around in Circles" or the aforementioned "Hush Now") but the final outlook of perception is still clearly to be classified in the bad to average category.

In fact, PENELOPE is a quite standard Rock band with some energetic moments and a real honesty in doing their own things, but their sound is too common the writing is also very ordinary, notably in the structures and format of their songs. Nothing really new or attractive, I'am afraid, even if i'm convinced that the band should be interesting on some club stages, because of their stamina, but my real concern is: Who's gonna buy this "Bounce Back" CD?

3 / 10


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"Bounce Back" Track-listing:

1. Bounce Back
2. Running Around in Circles
3. Baby Blue
4. Hush Now
5. Dance Alone
6. Part of Me
7. Just One More Lie
8. End it All

Penelope Lineup:

Vicky van Zijl - Lead Vocals
Allard Zwemstra - Guitar
Jusso Whistler - Drums
Mauricio Guerra Lopez - Bass

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