The Moribund People


The Moribund People is Peccatum's second EP and follows 2004's full length album Lost In […]
By David Kaluza
September 11, 2005
Peccatum - The Moribund People album cover

The Moribund People is Peccatum's second EP and follows 2004's full length album Lost In Reverie, continuing Ihsan & Ihriel's bizarre musical experiments.
On The Moribund People the duo is joined by drummer Jarle Havras for two own creations and a unique cover of Bathory's For All Those Who Died. The two new tracks continue the musical line that was set out on previous releases, drifting even further away from the Metal genre by making use of anything ranging from electronic beats to almost jazzy influences and soft piano parts.
 Ihriel's vocals and the piano dominate the main body of the songs, while being spiced up by all sorts of dark soundscapes and with only an occasional outburst by Ihsan (on A Penny's Worth Of Heart) referring to his former life in Emperor. For All Those Who Died is reworked in pretty much the same vein as Priest's Blood Red Skies was a few years earlier on their first Ep and while enjoyable in the right mindset, cannot hold a candle to the original. The production on these tracks also is a bit weak, with especially the drums sounding distant and thin - this in stark contrast to Ihriel's beautiful vocals and haunting piano melodies. Also on offer is a rather amateurish video for the title track and the less said about that the better (granted, it is a low budget affair and thus should not be judged the same as realmusic videos, but I wish people would just spare us these pointless extras).
In short it is safe to say that The Moribund People will not appeal to everyone. If you enjoy experimental, dark music without any sort of limitations then you could do worse than check out this Ep (although an even better option is the full length Lost In Reverie, since that easily has the superior production and songwriting). For most Metal (Black or otherwise) fans however, Peccatum will simply not hold a lot of attraction.

"The Moribund People" Track-listing:

The Moribund People
A Penny's Worth Of Heart
For All Those Who Died
The Moribund People (Video)

Peccatum Lineup:

Ihriel - Vocals, Keys & Programming
Ihsahn - Vocals, Strings, Keys & Programming
Jarle Havras - Drums

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