Space Ship One

Paul Gilbert

This is the 2005 studio release of guitar semi-god Paul Gilbert who has played in […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
July 28, 2005
Paul Gilbert - Space Ship One album cover

This is the 2005 studio release of guitar semi-god Paul Gilbert who has played in the past with bands such as Racer-X and Mr. Big. It's a melodic, hard rocking, groovy compilation of songs. The guitar playing is great, the production is crystal clear and the songs are very happy, catchy and make you wanna sing along.
Maybe this wouldn't make a good choice for power pop purists but if you have a love for 80's glam/hard Rock with a solid melodic core, this will be a good and funny album for you. Spaceship One contains all of the technical guitar prowess any fan would expect in a context of well crafted songs and reveals why Paul Gilbert remains one of the most gifted musicians in the guitar-oriented music market. The album is funny, rhythmic and cool and as everything else Paul Gilbert has done, very impressive regarding its musicality. Paul Gilbert is one of the most important guitar legends of all times and he does not have to prove anything more with his work.
This release is a must for anyone who wishes to dig into the work of one of the most impossible guitar shredders and true innovators. If you are a Mr. Big / Racer X fan then you will like this album because you can not be let down by his outstanding and terrifying guitar playing. Maybe his previous releases Burning Organ and Alligator Farm were a bit tougher than this album but it really does rock! You will definitely have a great time hearing Paul and his Beatles vocals being combined with blasting guitar riffs.
We must not neglect mentioning that Paul also combines his great guitar playing with very funny and cool lyrics. You must also stay tuned for the DVD which is coming out in June! The band is very tight with Marco Minnemann on drums and Linus of Hollywoood on bass.
- Album Highlights: Space Ship One, Every Hot Girl Is A Rockstar, On The Way To Hell, Jackhammer, Interaction and We All Dream of Love.

7 / 10


"Space Ship One" Track-listing:

Space Ship One
Every Hot Girl Is A Rockstar
On the Way To Hell  
Terrible Man
Mr. Spock
Boku No Atama
Good Man
Wash My Car
It's All Too Much
We All Dream of Love

Paul Gilbert Lineup:

Paul Gilbert - Guitars & Vocals
Linus of Hollywood - Bass
Marco Minnemann - Drums

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