Stop the War

Paul Di ’Anno’s Warhorse

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? or should I say, can an old dog teach us new tricks? Paul Di’Anno will answer that question with his newest effort with his latest band WARHORSE.
April 16, 2024

WARHORSE is the original band/project of Paul Di’Anno. The first idea of forming a band arose in December 2021, when Di’Anno and guitarist Hrvoje Madiraca met in Zagreb, Croatia. The formation and naming of this project happened simultaneously with the writing and recording of new songs, which were started immediately and thus formed the band. Di’Anno, whose real name is Paul Andrews, and of course better known by his nearly half-century-long career which began explosively with IRON MAIDEN and continued on with GOGMAGOG, BATTLEZONE, PRAYING MANTIS, ARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ and KILLERS. For the last eight years Paul faced serious health problems that almost ended his career, but thanks to his loyal fans and friends, and his strong will to overcome the disease he is on a big world tour again, and recorded his latest album which will be released in mid-2024 for BraveWords Records, a new label, which is also an integral part of one of the strongest brands in heavy metal music. This icon of heavy metal with the heart of a punk rock rebel never spared himself in his life, but he always gave everything for music and fans, which is why they have followed him faithfully for almost fifty years. I am reviewing the three song EP titled “Stop the War” released March 27, 2024 in advance of his upcoming nine song full length album that has “Paul singing like never before and in a way that will surprise and leave all his fans speechless, as well as heavy metal fans in general and will return the old spirit of heavy metal to where it belongs.”

Out of the gates with a taking no prisoners approach on “Stop the War” and put the listeners on alert that Paul Di’Anno’s WARHORSE means business with a hard driving and aggressive onslaught of old school metal riffs that lay the groundwork as the vocals compliment the rabid and pulsating tempo blending as one slithering, creeping attitude with the raw and savage guitar work. ”Warhorse” opens with galloping dual guitars blasting right through the speakers as the lighting fast paced tempo with no time to catch your breath riveting and driving licks giving way to crotch grabbing vocals that deliver the knockout punch. “The Doubt Within” ends this brief journey back to the time when head banging took a backseat to no one and we all cranked our super-sized speakers to the point of no return as the dual guitar delivery provides strong hooks, both riffs and solos, solid and bold backing drums and bass, a nicely balanced sound, all fused together with no musical elements or vocals overpowering each other.

Paul Di’Anno is forever etched in heavy metal history, be it with his brief stint with IRON MAIDEN or his extended career with other projects, his contribution cannot be ignored. This WARHORSE EP shows us that he still has the desire, the drive and most importantly, the passion to continue on and deliver a solid and vital heavy metal sound.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Stop the War" Track-listing:


1. Stop the War

2. Warhorse

3. The Doubt Within


Paul Di ’Anno’s Warhorse Lineup:


Paul Di'Anno - vocals,

Hrvoje Madiraca - guitar

Ante Pupačić Pupi – guitar

Becky Baldwin – bass (Warhorse, Stop The War)
Petar Šantić - drums (Stop The War)
Joe Lazarus - drums (Warhorse)
Danijel Stojan - drums (The Doubt Within)


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