Momentary Effects of Sunlight


The British rock scene is continuing to boom these days as new bands are forming […]
By MarcusTheRocker
May 22, 2015
Patrons - Momentary Effects of Sunlight album cover

The British rock scene is continuing to boom these days as new bands are forming in recent years meaning that new talent is making itself known to the world. Of course with new bands, it's hard really to find a great deal of info on them so when you review them, you often have to either cut the band profile bit of your review down to short length or just not bother at all but I digress.

The band featured in today's review are one of those new acts who have formed in recent years and their name is PATRONS who are back with their second EP "The Momentary Effects of Sunlight". Formed in 2013, this quartet of new British rockers hail from Portsmouth and in 2014 they released their debut self titled EP and a year later in 2015, EP number 2 is out and that shall be the subject of this review so I shall get on with doing just that.

The band's new EP is only 4 songs long so it doesn't take long to listen to it and form an opinion which means writing the review itself is easy. The first two songs on the EP, "Lost Age" and "Circus", are not that bad as they have a good strong punchy sound to them which makes them mildly enjoyable but the remaining two songs, "Old Rain" and "Blood Symphony" have a bit less of that so they aren't as enjoyable as the first two.

I think the reason why that may be, lies in the production, as it seems to be toned down a bit for a few segments in all the EP's songs but the second half are the most notable places, as the sound isn't as strong as it is on the first two songs. The overall production sound on all 4 songs can occasionally be hit or miss, depending on the section of the song and the same is said for the overall performance, as there are moments where the performance, i.e. the guitars and the vocals, stands out stronger then on other songs

Bottom line, the new EP from PATRONS has moments that are very hit or miss depending on the section of a song or indeed the whole song entirely. There are moments where you will enjoy it more then other moments but overall it's not really that bad so I can't complain too much I guess when you consider that it's only their second release with a small handful of songs on it so that's something I can overlook to give it a fair score.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Momentary Effects of Sunlight" Track-listing:

1. Lost Age
2. Circus
3. Old Rain
4. Blood Symphony

Patrons Lineup:

Danny - Guitar, Vocals
Mark - Lead Guitar
Olly - Bass, Vocals
Corby - Drums, Vocals

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