Patriot Rebel

PATRIOT REBEL based and shaped in Nottingham, UK, released a video single in August, this […]
By Branislav Stanojevic
September 30, 2015
Patriot Rebel - Propaganda album cover

PATRIOT REBEL based and shaped in Nottingham, UK, released a video single in August, this year, under the name "Propaganda". This manifest contains two acts made of a single lay (acoustic and original verse). As they have been explained and cheered by many for the actions and their musical achievements I will use the power of information and quote some:
- "This is a band that WILL be the next band that you hear about, quite simply phenomenal".
- "If you're a fan of outright rock and roll, you definitely need to check these guys out before they explode into one of Britain's top loved rock group".

Cute and catchy - yep those are the words. "Propaganda" may sound to you as a something you already have heard and you up to the date have a quite big data-base about it, and you're right. PATRIOT REBEL in my humble ear sound like a band I listened to as a youngster; the sound of childhood. Being shaped under Alternative Rock and the sound or early 2000's. Basically, I found so many linking to the artists such as FALL OUT BOY, GUNS n ROSES even MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.

Kicking off with an acoustic song, acoustic version of "Propaganda" they give us an entering point, a portal to 90's and all of the unplugged happenings that breathed the first breath of live performances with a comfy atmosphere. I must add one strange thought of mine - Paul Smith's vocal recalls me so much of some melancholic form of Axl Rose's singing style (voice). Rest of the song is quite simple - acoustic pattern with lead and backing vocalings. I almost imagined friends gathered next to the river's bank and playing this tune. Now, here's the deal for me - act numero due; here, in this verso of "Propaganda" we all will see the new-wave Rock, Alternative Rock almost blended with Metal. Now you understand my comparison with some Alternative bands. Personally, I feel they have some knowledge or enjoy in some CoreMetal Core sounds by the amount of breakdowns, it's just something you cannot unsee.

Skillful and innovate, familiar yet something new - I must say I have had a nice time rescaping this. There are not so many things I could mind them, maybe I could add a note: guys, feel free to create, you are material for albums. Keep it up.

8 / 10


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"Propaganda" Track-listing:

1. Propaganda (Acoustic)
2. Propaganda

Patriot Rebel Lineup:

Paul Smith - Lead Vocals
Danny Marsh - Lead Guitar
Dave Gadd - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Aaron Grainger - Drums
Will Kirk - Bass

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