Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time


PATHFINDER is an unsigned symphonic Power Metal band. The most unbelievable part of their bio […]
By Jonathan Maphet
August 30, 2010
Pathfinder - Beyond The Space

PATHFINDER is an unsigned symphonic Power Metal band. The most unbelievable part of their bio sheet is that they are unsigned. After repeated listening I find that next to impossible to believe. This album sounds so majestic, so powerful and professionally done; it's absolutely amazing that they don't have a ton of money from a record label behind them. They have one of the most professional websites I have ever seen from a small band, let alone one that is unsigned. The vivid detail of the choirs the orchestrations all point to something grand and embellished, not to a band looking for a label. Let me put it another way, if they don't get signed immediately, it's a crime. This is an amazing project. It's more than just a band. This is a work of art. They seem to have many friends as the bio sheet has so many different names listed in terms of illustration, mixing, producing, art work, photos, booklet, etc. Surely they will be signed soon.

PATHFINDER is from Poland. I don't recall ever hearing a symphonic Power Metal band coming from there. To me, Poland is the land of Black and Death Metal. There are some DRAGONFORCE sounding guitar solos, but unlike them, there are also many choirs. This has more depth than DRAGONFORCE. Agata Lejba adds beautiful female operatic vocals. It is a very nice touch. The double bass drumming is exceptional as are the keyboards. Everything here is epic. There is no subtlety here. There are also some nice piano interludes. The vocalist has a lot of range. Sometimes the screams are high pitched but most of the time he sings normally without much showing off. Many times a scream will trail off into a guitar wail and it's hard to tell when the scream ends and the guitar begins. That right there shows some range on, Simon Kostro's part. I think with some of those screams he is trying to sound like Eric Adams. If you are going to reach, reach for the sky. Eric Adams has long been recognized as the king of screams, once even holding the world record for the duration of a scream. The backing vocals are so good they must come from the choir.

I would advise Simon not to scream in an instance where it isn't warranted, but it is done so sparingly that it isn't too jarring. As I said, this release is amazing. I cannot wait to see how good they get when they are actually signed to a label. I hope they don't settle for just any label. They deserve a company that is going to spend a lot on promotion and backing in every way possible. This is not your typical unsigned band begging for a few crumbs from the table. This is a professional unit of amazing artists. If you love complex symphonic Power Metal, then you will love this too. I would advise anyone that is hesitant about spending their hard earned money on an unsigned band not to worry. You are in good hands here. There is plenty of range on this album. It isn't all fast or mid tempo or up tempo, it is all of those and more. So do yourselves a favor and pick up this highly talented band's release. They deserve to have their hard work rewarded. You could do a lot worse. PATHFNIDER is the most pleasant surprise musically speaking so far in 2010!

8 / 10


"Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time" Track-listing:
  1. Deep Into That Darkness Peering...
  2. The Whisper Of Ancient Rocks
  3. Vita Reducta Through The Portal
  4. Pathway To The Moon
  5. All The Mornings Of The World
  6. The Demon Awakens
  7. Undiscovered Dreams
  8. The Lord Of Wolves
  9. Sons Of Immortal Fire
  10. Stardust
  11. Dance Of Flames
  12. The Island Of Immortal Fire
  13. Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time
  14. What if...
Pathfinder Lineup:

Simon Kostro - Vocals
Arkadiusz E Ruth - Bass
Karol Mania - Guitars
Gunther - Guitars
Kamil Ruth - Drums
Slavomir Belak - Synthesizers, Orchestrations
Agata Lejba - Voice

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