The Fiery Hand

Path Of Samsara

The German conducting trio, PATH OF SAMSARA, is probably the most enigmatic and fascinating musical […]
By Kai Naiman
October 6, 2015
Path Of Samsara - The Fiery Hand album cover

The German conducting trio, PATH OF SAMSARA, is probably the most enigmatic and fascinating musical batch in today's Deutschrock scene, and their debut album, "The Fiery Hand", is an unearthly recognizance of their eclectic musical charisma. Consisting of an ardent dark and progressive frame, "The Fiery Hand" will leave you demanding for more.

Throughout its 70 minutes-long course, "The Fiery Hand" is an 11-piece musical anagram that entwines a multitude of genres such as: Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Rock and even Folk. These barely manage to escape immersing under PATH OF SAMSARA's old-school rock outfit.

The most immense thing when pleasing your ears with "The Fiery Hand" is how the guitar sets the atmosphere to perfection in every single song. Fourth track, "The Withered Tree" and seventh track "Pyredancer" are some of the key examples for that. The almost seductive experimentation on dark guitar tones and riffage is remarkably done by Nikolaus.

"The Fiery Hand" is an emancipated record, and accordingly, it features some of the more peculiar so-to-speak tracks a band could've released; tracks like "Serpent Magick". This stunner is PATH OF SAMSARA's most eccentric attempt in the record, and by far, one of the better experimental rock presented delights. Tenth gem, "Supernova", is a nonorganic dissolution of the complexity of the entire record, making it the most multilateral of the eleven tracks.

"The Fiery Hand" is transcending over any expectation this writer might've had, and even after surpassing to a double-digit listening amount, more elements are blocking before me. If you'd try asking PATH OF SAMSARA what genre they are playing, you'd not get unnoticed, as their presented genre is, rightfully granted, "Black Magic Rock´n´Roll". Is it worth the purchase? Certainly, as "The Fiery Hand" is one of these hidden gems metal and rock fanatics always circle around for, and can find it easily repeated in their playlist.<

10 / 10


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"The Fiery Hand" Track-listing:

1. The Fiery Hand
2. Veil Of Gold
3. Serpent Magick
4. The Withered Tree
5. Da Doud Reit Durchn Woid
6. The Blue Demon
7. Pyredancer
8. The Dawn Of Saturn
9. Death Aeon Gateway
10. Supernova
11. Wood And Bone

Path Of Samsara Lineup:

Binyamin - Vocals, Bass
Nikolaus - Guitars
Benjamin - Drums

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