Heat In The Street

Pat Travers

Toronto born guitarist Pat Travers made quite an impression on the Rock scene in the […]
By Makis Kirkos
June 3, 2004
Pat Travers - Heat In The Street album cover

Toronto born guitarist Pat Travers made quite an impression on the Rock scene in the late 70's and early 80's. Travers' first acts were local bands Red Hot and Merge.
Recorded in Miami, in the summer of 1978, Heat In The Street was the fourth Pat Travers album release, and the group's first to feature new guitarist Pat Thrall and drummer Tommy Aldridge.
The group's previous album, 1977's Putting It Straight, had been recorded as a three-piece of Pat Travers (guitar/vocals/keyboards), Peter Mars Cowling (bass) and Nicko McBrain (drums), with various outside contributors like Thin Lizzy's Scott Gorham and Rainbow keyboard player Tony Carey helping to fill in the sound.
The guitar styles of two Pats gelled beautifully; their immaculate harmonizing on such tracks as Prelude and One For Me And One For You is a joy to the ear.  Actually this is a very easy-going album, meaning all songs have a party mood. Imagine you are on a beach, a hot summer night and you're partying with friends, drinking and singing while listening to Heat In The Street. I believe there's no better way to describe it...
Coming from a fusion background, Thrall also broadened the group's horizons, bringing them unconventional time signatures, funky rhythms and even the occasional jazz-style interlude. Brash, confident and downright irresistible from start to finish, it's filled with loud, technically proficient yet intensely radio-friendly songs.
Aside from the title cut and Go All Night, the record's most notable selections are future stage favorites Evie and Hammerhead; the first one being a nasty, full-blooded rocker built around a typical hook, the second one being a breathless instrumental showcase for the octopus-like double-bass drumming of Tommy Aldridge.
This CD is a 2004 remaster by Majestic Rock and contains original artwork and some new sleeve notes. If you are not familiar with this great guitarist then I truly suggest you buy this album, you will be surprised founding out what you were missing all these years. I am sure this release will haunt down my CD player for the whole summer period. Excellent!

8 / 10


"Heat In The Street" Track-listing:

Heat In The Street
Killer's Instinct
I Tried To Believe
Go all Night
One For Me And One For You

Pat Travers Lineup:

Pat Travers - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Peter Mars Cowling - Bass
Pat Thrall - Guitar, Guitar Synthesiser & Backing Vocals
Tommy Aldridge - Drums

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