Sound Weapon


From Greek “πᾰρά” - near, about, by - beyond the line. From Latin - equal, […]
March 1, 2024

From Greek “πᾰρά” - near, about, by - beyond the line. From Latin - equal, pair, or two. Paraline are an alternative rock project, initiated by two brothers Leo “Light” Anderson and Kirill Langley. Leo’s younger brother, is a highly talented and versatile sound engineer who plays a crucial role in shaping the band’s soundscape and is the band's lead guitarist. Beyond his audio expertise, Kirill also holds the position of a band’s solo guitar player, adding stylistic virtuosity and stage presence to the project. Alex Shustoff is the first line of defense for the band’s musical testing. He is the administrative brain behind the band’s processes and plays a significant role in the creative decisions. His basslines are the driving force behind the band’s heavy sound, setting the stage for Paraline’s distinctive style. Finally, Kirill Pargin is the band’s solid and versatile drummer, infusing the band’s music with mastery and grooviness. Previous releases include “Demonstration Record Ep” in 2020 and a single in 2021 called “Apocalypse Now “ .

So the album “Sound Weapon “ is the band's first to be released on Eclipse Records consists of five tracks. Not usually the genre of rock music I listen to but I am glad that I was given this album to review. The album opens with a track called “Icarus” with a very powerful riff and tender vocals, then Boom! The chorus kicks in and its powerful vocally and musically awesome very Linkin Park and 90’s sounding rock , also Shinedown style great opener with some great synths superb opening track. ”One Shot One Kill” follows I love the way the drums and bass are prominent in the mix in some parts of this track, also the guitar riffs are very well executed, technically superb, Next is “Hyperdynamic” lovely synths intro ,lovely low vocals that just soar in the chorus, really hard dynamic guitar riffs a great track with a modern element. The standout track for me “1999” the arrangements in this song are superb ,really clever ,chilling & haunting in parts superb vocals and the backing vocals/chanting are really clever. ”Perfect Blue” ends this album with another great intro that brings the song in, this is done brilliantly with yet great vocals, arrangements, the drums are really great on this track. The album finished with me wanting more.

“Sound Weapon” is five tracks of alternative rock greatness .I loved every song on the album. The songs are a fitting soundtrack to issues in the world we are facing at the moment .The production is very clever and the songs are delivered by four very talented musicians. Its an absolute must to listen to or purchase for alternative rock band fans. These guys are a band to watch out for.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Sound Weapon " Track-listing:

2.One Shot One Kill
5.Perfect Blue

Paraline Lineup:

Leo “Light” Anderson - Lead Vocals ,Guitar
Kirill Langley - Lead Guitar
Alex Shustoff - Bass Guitar
Kirill Pargin - Drums

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