In Requiem

Paradise Lost

Halifax heavy metallers / hard rockers - but especially gothic lovers PARADISE LOST make their […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
June 17, 2007
Paradise Lost - In Requiem album cover

Halifax heavy metallers / hard rockers - but especially gothic lovers PARADISE LOST make their come back after their self - title album and this time they claim that they came back in a more dark, heavier, sinister way and will dismantle whatever stands in their way. This effort makes us feel trapped between their glorious metallic past and the new - age direction they have chosen for their latest 4 - 5 records.
Unfortunately these types of comparisons are unavoidable since this band was - and perhaps still is - one of the brightest moments and hopes in heavy / hard rock music from 1990 and so on. Anyway In Requiem does not really differentiate itself from the bands direct past records. In fact this CD album sounds as the physical expected continuation of their last two albums soundwise, productionwise and whateverwise! The compositions, the whole set of arrangements the vocal lines and especially the whole climate dates back to their previous years of music production and songwriting.
Even though I do not really understand their way of thinking -we all remember that Greg Mackintosh is a unique guitarist, but Greg where are your glorious signature leads now man?- I think that someone who starts to listen to this album will find 3 - 4 nice songs to listen to and after a couple of repeated CD player cycles his interest will gradually to decline. There is a shortage of intense moments found here which is counter balanced in a way by the nice vocal lines of Nick Holmes and the clever song structure Greg offers. Still I think that these guys can do much better but they are somewhat oppressed by the modern music commands and trends.
Ok, let's sum it up some aggressiveness, a lot of melancholy, sadness and dark mixed emotions are all here but still I strongly miss that usual unique PARADISE LOST feeling  I used to get in the past from albums like "Draconian Times or "Shades Of God and is not that much found here. Still I adore them but they can write more inspired stuff - according to me - that's for sure.
Highlights of this album can be considered - amongst the other - the following ones: "Never For The Damned, "Ash & Debris, "The Enemy, and "Beneath Black Skies. The truth is that if you like the band before their "Host album then there are few chances that you will like this album -  whereas if you think that these guys have something to offer nowadays then this CD will ensure your dedication to the band. Since my attitude ranges somewhere between the two aforementioned points of view (and this band is one of my favourite weaknesses and secret loves) thesw dark, high IQ guys get a ...

7 / 10


"In Requiem" Track-listing:

Never For The Damned
Ash & Debris
The Enemy
Praise lamented Shade
Prelude To Descent
Fallen Children
Beneath Black Skies
Sedative God
Your Own Reality
Silent In Heart

Paradise Lost Lineup:

Nick Holmes - Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh - Guitar
Aaron Aedy - Guitar
Stephen Edmondson - Bass
Jeff Singer - Drums

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