Dreams Come True

Paola Pellegrini

Upon first listen the beat of the music is what stood out to me the […]
By Chelsea Jennings
March 13, 2015
Paola Pellegrini - Dreams Come True album cover

Upon first listen the beat of the music is what stood out to me the most when reviewing the latest release "Dreams Come True" by solo artist PAOLA PELLEGRINI. The beat is a somewhat bouncy drumbeat set over a somewhat scathing guitar riff. Paola has raspy, somewhat deep vocals that lay over the bouncy drum beats and scathing guitar riffs that make an interesting sound combination. The sound is different for sure, but it will not appeal to all metalheads alike. It has a very different sound, and a somewhat different feel to it than anything that is really heard in the mainstream of metal.

Honestly, after listening to the entire 11-track offering, a lot of the songs started to sound the same. The beat and the rhythm only changed on a couple of songs. It felt kind of flat, redundant, and a bit boring at times. To further the entire topic, every single song on this CD is about love and about getting a man. While love plays a massive role in everyone's life at some point, there are other things that can be sung about. After 5 or 6 songs, the topic also get a bit redundant and a bit overdone just like the bouncy rhythms and beats that rarely changed throughout the course of the entire piece.

There were a few moments when unique sounds stood out to the listener, such as songs like "Amore Abissale" or "Hallow Man" where the track starts with an interesting, somewhat twangy guitar solo. Unfortunately, the twangy guitar gives way to the same redundant bouncy beats and love tracks that almost every single other track on the CD follows. It almost seems like a trap as almost every track seems to sound like this and be about love. The most interesting change of pace comes on the album with "Senza Difesa" when the song is sung in a language other than English. Although it was unclear what language it was, it clearly changed the tempo of the CD by providing a different feel to the song.

Overall, other than that one song the entire CD seems to sound the same. It takes away from what this could be. The musicianship is decent, and the vocals are actually pretty good, but making every song sound the same seems to be a downfall for this album. Singing every single song about love makes the topics and content covered a bit dull and boring. More variety would have made this CD a much more enjoyable release. The tools are there vocally and musically to make a great release, but it has to be harnessed the right way to make the release interesting for people to want to listen to it.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Dreams Come True" Track-listing:

1. Love My Game
2. Amore Abissale
3. Hallo Man
4. Dreams Come True
5. You Will Not Wait For Me
6. Senza Difesa
7. Take Me
8. Enough
9. Until You Drop
10. All Right
11. Love Is Near

Paola Pellegrini Lineup:

Paola Pellegrini - vocals + guitar

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