Searching For Eternity


In my view, PANTOMMIND is one of the most emblematic bands, in what I could […]
By Yngwieviking
April 19, 2015
Pantommind - Searching For Eternity album cover

In my view, PANTOMMIND is one of the most emblematic bands, in what I could call the Classic Prog Metal revival fashion, except the fact that PANTOMMIND is a band comprised by some seasoned talented musicians and not by a bunch of rookies! Indeed, the sound of the early 90's is here at its pinnacle; the outstanding Bulgarian Veterans are able to show to each and every band on Earth: How the Progressive Melodic Metal should be played in its most pristine and glorious way, and it's a shame that the quintet never really got its international breakthrough despite a very long career...

The stunning Metal guitar driven, full staccato attack of "Walk On" is upgraded with a renowned singer as guest; the Swedish vocalist Michael Anderson (front man for CLOUDSCAPE/FULLFORCE/ex SILENT MEMORIAL)...The blending between Tony Ivan's cleanest tenor and high pitched vocals and Anderson's darker voice and slightly raspy organ is perfect. Both voices harmonize amazingly in an epic mode and reflect an infectious melodic line.

There is no doubt about the fact that "Lost Lullaby" is one of the strongest songs, (even if the best track of the album award should go to "Lost") a very intense and beautiful ballad, provided with the complete package, some very delicate vocal upper harmonies with multi layers of keyboard mixed gently with acoustic guitar in some enchanting temperate passages, reminiscent from the CRIMSON GLORY style..."Tell Me" contains a chorus melody that could be featured in any recent opus by EVERGREY, while "Down to the End" is similar to the SIAM tone and perhaps a few SHADOW GALLERY's 70's sparks...Of course, the old FATES WARNING and the early DREAM THEATER are evocated thru "Angel", and the subsequent instrumental track "Hypnophobia", with such music; no need for images & words...The title track reminds of SANVOISEN/VANDEN PLAS or even BALANCE OF POWER; the fantastic KILLING TOUCH's flavors are also coming to mind...They are skilled to deliver all that beautiful, sophisticated and atmospheric music in the most fluent manner, a demonstration done in an incredible and convincing approach with a matured and confidant method, but in an effortless impression...Ultra suggested as your monthly fix of excellent Music by your truly!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Searching For Eternity" Track-listing:

1. Not For Me
2. Moon Horizon
3. Walk On
4. Lost Lullaby
5. Angel
6. Hypnophobia
7. Down To The End
8. Tell Me
9. Searching For Eternity
10. Heart
11. Lost (bonus track)

Pantommind Lineup:

Tony Ivan - Lead Vocals
Pete Christ - Guitars
Ross - Guitars
Sunny X - Keyboards
Drago - Drums

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