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Pantheon I

PANTHEON I were formed in late 2002 in Oslo by Andre Kvebek (guitar), John Espen […]
By Eirini Papadopoulou
July 29, 2009
Pantheon I - Worlds I Create album cover

PANTHEON I were formed in late 2002 in Oslo by Andre Kvebek (guitar), John Espen Sagstad (guitar) and Eirik Renton (drums) aiming to express their fascination with extreme and melancholic music. In 2003 they recorded a 4-track demo which was not released. In 2004 they recorded more songs and they released a 7'' vinyl. After some changes in the line up they recorded their debut album, Atrocity Divine which was released through World Chaos Productions in early 2006. After that they recorded a 4 track promo CD for promotional reasons. In September of 2006 they signed to Candlelight Records and two months later they recorded The Wanderer And His Shadow, which is their second full length album. The band features current and ex-members of DEN SAKAALDTE, TROLLFEST, and more. Worlds I Create is the third full length album of the Norwegian act to be released through Candlelight Records.
After the successful Wanderer And His Shadow, PANTHEON I come back  ready for war! From the opening track, Myself Above All which is epic, the  powerful Serpent Christ, to the more melodic piece called Ascending, featuring Jonas Renkse, the singer of KATATONIA, the band showcases their skills and they come to fulfill the impressions of their predecessor album. The production of the album is great and these Norwegian folks seem to know very well what they are doing. The technical performance of each and every member is remarkable, starting from the furious drumming to the technical guitar parts going from Black to Death Metal and avantgarde as well as the deep screaming vocals of Andre, interspersing with clean vocalisms, coming to wrap it up with the symphonic parts and the sweet, melancholic cello playing of Live Juliane, but without losing points in savagery.
I am surely waiting to see what the future for this band holds and also to see them live, as PANTHEON I is a very promising act and Worlds I Create is definitely one of the best Black Metal releases of this year.

8 / 10


"Worlds I Create" Track-listing:

Myself Above All
Define The Trinity
Serpent Christ
Burn The Cross
The Last Stand
Written In Sand

Pantheon I Lineup:

Andre - Vocals, Guitar
Sagstad - Guitar
TRS - Bass
Live Julianne - Cello
Mads G - Drums

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