We Are But Memories

Pale King

PALE KING is a death metal band based out of England/Sweden that was formed in […]
By Ricardo Casagrande
February 4, 2023
Pale King - We Are But Memories album cover

PALE KING is a death metal band based out of England/Sweden that was formed in 2016. They released their first album titled Monolith of the Malign on Soulseller Records in 2017. They released a couple of singles via compilation records, the first in 2020 called "The Last Farewell" on Transcending Obscurity Records and in 2022 called "Under the Wings of Solitude" via Iron, Blood and Death Corporation. Both of those songs are featured on their newest album released November first of last year titled We Are But Memories. For most of the members in the band, they are very active in other projects within the last ten or more years and continue to have multiple projects on the go at one time. The more well known of the groups is WOMBBATH, in which all the members with the exception of Hannah, have or are currently playing in.

The album is a very midtempo display of death metal that includes heavy melodic guitars, well structured verses and solos and catchy hooks. The album starts off with the titled track "We Are But Memories" and "The Weight of Reality" as they set the tone for what to expect and what the band tries to accomplish with this release. A deep audible growl with the vocals in the nature of Scandinavian death metal. Solid rhythm provided throughout the track and the album as a whole with the bass and drums. The track "The Last Farewell" captures a celtic influence and doom effect to the music that helps elevate the heaviness in the music. Jonny's viking metal style of vocals stands tall to the music that is similar to the way Johan Hegg of AMON AMARTH singing defines the band's presence.

Solid drumming from Jon is heard throughout the track "Drown". Whether it be a machine gun like double bass or holding a steady and creative rhythm, it is on point at every turn. The record due to the tone the guitars bring, tempo and the similarities in the song structures, blends the music together and the album starts to feel pretty repetitive towards the end. "Cold Shadow" is the finishing touch to the album and is comparable to AMORPHIS with strong melody from the lead guitar paired with pounding rhythm but nothing too overwhelming with the deep heaviness to the music. Not much more to say about the release that hasn't already been said, I feel that once you have heard three or four songs, the band doesn't really bring much else to the sacrificial metal altar. The musicianship is very good on the album, the few members of the band are very experienced and have played together before. I think the style and musical statement they wanted to get across on the release really limited some of the tracks.

7 / 10









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"We Are But Memories" Track-listing:

1. We Are But Memories
2. The Weight of Reality
3. The Last Farewell
4. Cursed
5. Drown
6. Under the Wings of Solitude
7. A Spectral Display
8. Cold Shadow

Pale King Lineup:

Jonny Petterson - Vocals, Guitars
Håkan Stuvemark - Guitars
Hannah Gill - Bass
Jon Rodin - Drums

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