Pain Of Salvation

I was totally unaware that PAIN OF SALVATION was coming out with a new EP […]
By Mike Novak
January 23, 2010
Pain Of Salvation - Linoleum album cover

I was totally unaware that PAIN OF SALVATION was coming out with a new EP until I was offered the chance to review it. While I would not consider myself a PAIN OF SALVATION diehard like some of my friends, I really enjoyed "The Perfect Element Pt. I" quite a bit. That being said, their past couple of albums have kind of sucked, especially the rap-metalesque "Scarsick". I know I was definitely wondering what direction would be heading next.PAIN OF SALVATION

PAIN OF SALVATION was formed all the way back in 1984, but their first album was not released until 1997. They have since been releasing albums regularly and built up quite a solid (and at times fanatical) fanbase in the process. The first four tracks on this EP are set to appear on a new two-disc studio album some time in the future.

The good news to start off is that this is nothing like "Scarsick"; there's no rapping, no disco, none of stuff that garnered that album so much criticism. In fact, if one was to compare this to another PAIN OF SALVATION album, I would say that it is most similar to something that could be found on "Entropia". There is less of a focus on complex arrangements and layered instruments; instead opting for a more straightforward approach. There seems to be a strong influence of 70's Rock, and not necessarily 70's prog-Rock either.

This is not a bad thing, however. In fact, I'm rather glad that this is the direction that the band is taking. In my opinion, PAIN OF SALVATION was in danger of collapsing under their own ambition and pretentiousness. They needed to step back and focus on what it was that made them such a great band in the first place, especially after several big lineup changes.

Each of the four songs that are set to appear on the forthcoming album is excellent. If the rest of the album is on the same level as these four songs, we will have an album that will be right up there with "The Perfect Element Pt. 1" and "Remedy Lane". The interview is mostly just the band screwing around, so that is hardly worthwhile. The SCORPIONS cover that closes the album is nice, but hardly essential.

If you really need a PAIN OF SALVATION fix, then by all means pick up this EP. However, I would advise against it simply because I believe that these songs that will appear on the forthcoming album will be even stronger when in the context of the album as a whole. This review will hopefully serve as a beacon of hope that disgruntled fans should not give up on this band, at least not yet.

7 / 10


"Linoleum" Track-listing:
  1. Linoleum
  2. Mortar Grind
  3. If You Wait
  4. Gone
  5. Bonus Track B
  6. Yellow Raven
Pain Of Salvation Lineup:

Daniel Gildenlow - Vocals, Bass & Guitar
Johan Hallgren - Guitar, Vocals
Fredrik Hermansson - Keyboards
Lιo Margarit - Drums
Per Schelander - Bass (on "Mortar Grind")

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