God's Equation

Pagan's Mind

In 1928 an archaeological excavation n Giza, Egypt recovered a lard metal ring with strange […]
By Yiannis Zervos
November 13, 2007
Pagan's Mind - God's Equation album cover

In 1928 an archaeological excavation n Giza, Egypt recovered a lard metal ring with strange symbols on it.  The US military managed to obtain and examine this ancient artifact with no results. 66 years later an Egyptologist with crazy theories about the pyramids (that they were used as docking areas for alien spacecrafts), unlocks the meaning of this symbols. This giant ring turns to be a Stargate that allows the Earth people to travel through a wormhole to another planet in this galaxy. The human curiosity always prevails and a military team teleports through this gate and an ancient war among aliens and humans awakens.
Why am I telling the story of Stargate portal? Because PAGAN'S MIND - the Norway progressive metal band - displays in every cover of their 4 albums this sc-fi TV symbol. God's Equation is no exception, with the Stargate portal in the back and a 6-handed naked woman in the front.
PAGAN'S MIND made their breakthrough in progressive metal scene with Infinity Divine and Celestial Entrance that made their music heard even outside of Norway. In 2005 PAGAN'S MIND released Enigmatic: Calling that reached number 15 in Norwegian album charts. Definitely many prog fans are anxious to get their hands on God's Equation.
The albums opener is a gentle instrumental piece, The Conception; this is the intro for God's Equation, a song dirtier but when the vocal part comes in, it becomes pure progressive-fusion that is the main style of the whole album. Nice melodic hard rock chorus and incredible production. United Alliance is probably the best song of God's Equation. A minimalistic keyboard intro with QUEENSRYCHE's kind of progressiveness. The guitar's distortion doesn't sound so good, it could be better in my opinion, maybe less digital reverb? Never the less, Korn Viggo Lofstad made a great job on the guitar parts melodically, with great solo parts. Nils K. Rue's vocals sometimes are distorted, sometimes clearer and sometimes more brutal. Once again in a progressive band like PAGAN'S MIND the rhythm section kicks ass with Steinar Kromko on bass and Stian Kristoffersen on drums. But the balanced mixed sound is defined by the background or the leading role of the keyboards that Ronny Tenger handles artistically.
Hallo Spaceboy is a really nice David Bowie cover that gives the feeling of sci-fi music theme in the album. With songs like Alien Kamikaze, Spirit Starcruiser and Painted Skies that almost reach the thrash side of progressive music, PAGAN'S MIND's God Equation becomes even more metal and dark.
Farewell is another instrumental piece with fabulous guitar melody that can be used as an outro to the whole album and as an intro for the Osiri's Triumphant Return at the same time. The 8-minutes-44-seconds song declares what kind of music PAGAN'S MIND can play. A great way to conclude God's Equation.
PAGAN'S MIND with God Equation establishes themselves as one of the top progressive metal bands in Europe. The only thing that the fusion-prog-metal maniacs should know is that God's Equation is out now (November 9th - January 15th in the USA) for purchase. Don't miss it.

8 / 10


"God's Equation" Track-listing:

The Conception
God's Equation
United Alliance
Atomic Firelight
Hallo Spaceboy
Evolution Exceed
Alien Kamikaze
Painted Skies
Spirit Starcruiser
Osiris' Triumphant Return

Pagan's Mind Lineup:

Nils K. Rue - Vocals
Jorn Viggo Lofstad - Guitar
Steinar Krokmo - Bass
Stian Kristoffersen - Drums
Ronny Tegner - Keyboards

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