Don't Lose Your Head


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: OXYTOXIN (no, not the love […]
January 8, 2023
Oxytoxin - Don't Lose Your Head album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: OXYTOXIN (no, not the love hormone: Oxytocin as Google brought up continuously and not the band... ha); unsigned/independent, hailing from the United States of America, performing Alternative/Nu-Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Don't Lose Your Head" (released November 4th, 2022). Since formation in 2022; the quartet in question have a self-titled EP (released January 15th, 2022), and this here full-length debut studio album in their discography so far entitled: "Don't Lose Your Head" of which I am introduced to. 13 tracks ranging around 49:55; OXYTOXIN arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Alternative/Nu-Metal developments.

Opening up with this riveting rhythm of rock hardened adrenaline; a clobbering foundation in belting heft amplifies you with sturdy tightness & punchline weightiness within "OxyToxin", ramifying through with this rampantly rompy rumble on reverberating remedy that surges with meaty maelstrom stability. Synergising rawly rough melody on primitively sulphurous harmony; a distorted fabrication elements at a concretely gritty attribute in executing flamboyant firepower expertise, amongst a hybrid experimentation in grindy choppiness that's profusely robust whilst seamlessly solid on slabby substance that's most organic. "Serrated" rifts with more groovy instrumental tempo; where monolithic stridency swifts with vibrantly potent vivacity, showcasing this prodigious manifesto on prestigious maelstrom technicality & rollicking chugs in a blistering barrage frenzy in boisterously bouncy calamity that supplies razor-sharp, twinning guitar dexterity from Geoff Kelly (also on vocals) on top of Nick Brown who both forge a distinctively distinguished flair on rapidly swift nimbleness amongst a distilled density for good measure.

Geoff's vocals soar with throaty yells & shouty perseverance; persisting with tremoring dynamics as impactfully impulsing frolics blend into a borderline conundrum in an all guns blazing demonstration, firing all cylinders with slaying momentum while rambunctiously piledriving stompy thumps from audible bass batterers: James Wheat (on bass) & Evan Byers (on drums)who smack the speakers out with unique versatility... vehemently providing this volatile sound production proficiency that's most savage. "Hate" & "Pretty" surge with more quintessential virtuosity on striking pursuits of shredding grumbles, intensely immersed with pulverising zeal on salubriously throttling stampedes of rampaging veracity & pumping songwriting musicianship that will get heads banging in no time.

"Facsimile" & "Black Is The Light" both rev with more venomous catchiness, fiercely ripping with malignant tonalities which injects an infectiously fuzzy blitzkrieg ferocity... bombarding eardrums with piercing jumpiness that revolve around a flexible fundamental on radically wicked ruggedness, while rigged with vicious utilisations on malicious tenacity where tenacious yet steely precision contrasts hastefully with vigorous rigour within a beefy but brutal endeavour for good sport that's rather exhilarating. "Disorder" continues riffing with vivacious chimes; interjecting a SYSTEM OF A DOWN formulaic into the mix, where souls raze with bulldozing beats that will tremble you with bomb-inducing ethereality. "If Only" distributes a similar prerequisite; masqueraded with this buoyant exuberance in which resoundingly unleashes some mesmerising hooks in gripping jingles that's in its own signature merit of organic substance, clamour and balls to the wall prowess.

"Dumbocracy" creates this skilful calibre in tuneful pulsations of mellifluous progression; where an arduous chunk in strapping kicks & a grandiose grandeur in thudding yet mettlesome transgression tenors with snappy quirkiness amongst a crescendo building tremolo, that raises passionately with skyrocketing premise - especially in "Gravity" as these marching drum cymbals embed a gnarly fierceness of rough but fervent penetration that's most substantially monumental - on the solitary sense of being crisply astounding within the stupendous amount in exquisite shroud of upheaval cadence in which is most driving. "Internal Dichotomy" engages in more monotonous lacerations; followed by an acutely characteristic charisma in buzzing swings that pick with jaunty effervescence, eloquently. While the penultimate banger "Disease Of The Mind" keeps that raw aesthetic impeccably well with evolving assimilation, conjuring a meltdown prolific that piques with staggering efficaciousness. This one's the longest rocker on the record; which gravitates chimefully with more upbeat triggers that thunders with raunchy but ground-breaking thrust.

Overall concluding "Don't Lose Your Head" with the finale epic: "Blister In The Sun"; I am compelled to say that OXYTOXIN most surely outdone themselves with this one, for a debut... their sound warrants with refined originality & with monstrous rockage. Packing a ruthlessly pandemonic overdrive on authentic Alternative/Hard Rock procedure that will rock your world with an enjoyably entertaining experience, a spin worth re-playing and discovering should you fancy a new yet empowering band for your working days - do check it out.

8 / 10









"Don't Lose Your Head" Track-listing:

1. OxyToxin
2. Serrated
3. Hate
4. Pretty
5. Facsimile
6. Black Is The Light
7. Disorder
8. If Only
9. Dumbocracy
10. Gravity
11. Internal Dichotomy
12. Disease Of The Mind
13. Blister In The Sun

Oxytoxin Lineup:

Geoff Kelly - Guitar/Vocals
James Wheat - Bass
Nick Brown - Guitar
Evan Byers - Drums

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